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I’ve now been back just over a week and have finally caught up on all the things that fall behind when one leaves their house and employ for 3 weeks.   While I was swanning around in Australia I imagined that it was getting warmer here. Well, to be honest there were probably only mere seconds given to imagining anything in DC,  but nevertheless I was surprised to come back to what was still basically winter – we even had snow on Sunday!  Before I left DC I put all my heavy winter stuff in the laundry/dry cleaning and for the past week I’ve been pulling it back out.   Finally yesterday we hit a temperature indicative of spring and this evening I noticed that my bulbs are peeping through the soil. Just.

A wonderful interlude to my week’s toiling was a coffee date on Saturday with Gingersister.    What an interesting lady; so passionate about so many things and she’s crafty too!   Basically all the things I’m not!   I think she could enthuse me though, and perhaps teach me how to craft something, so I’m looking forward to our next get-together.

I took about 2,000 photos in Australia, but have no fear I’m not about to share –  probably 1,900 of them are of the grandson.  And besides,  I still have a whole lot of Chile to post!


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    • We’ve just had a few lovely days of spring but tomorrow evening winter comes roaring back with freeze warnings and a few snowflakes forecast! I do complain but it’s better than our hot humid summer which will be here soon enough….

      • Yes, I am reading Philomena at the moment and they do mention some of the DC weather in ways I would not have expected including humid summers . . . we just turned the gas heater on tonight, but only because there are a couple of draughts in the apartment that I can’t track to a source. It is not really cold yet.

  1. You’re still not done with Chile? lol…. By the way, I hope the Manservant isn’t there now, with the earthquake and the warnings of a tsunami that might hit the coast. There was a momentary panic out here as well shortly after the Geological Service issued a report saying there was a chance California might see another tsunami. They’ve canceled it, but I was worried for my younger daughter, who lives near the shoreline in San Diego.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing all those photos of your grandson, speaking as one grandma to another!

    • There seem to be earthquakes happening all over the place (Solomon Islands on the weekend) but no, the manservant is home at the moment. The fires in Valparaiso are dreadful – I’m saddened to hear of all the damage.

      LOL re the photos of the grandson – I’m sure I’ve bored everyone at work now so I’ll be looking for a new audience 🙂

  2. Welcome back, anyway. While we missed you, I think if you’d held out one more week, you could’ve avoided winter’s last stand.

  3. Hope your Spring has arrived by now. You and Mrs GOF have similar photography habits. She and I will go on an excursion…..I’ll take 20 photographs and she’ll have a 16GB card full. 🙂

    • Spring did arrive GOF but winter roared back this week – we’ve had 2 nights of frosts! Had to get my big duck-quilt coat out again yesterday. Yep – I’m just like Mrs GOF and sometimes I will have 10+ photos of exactly the same static thing! And I never delete anything ….

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