I had such high expectations…..

for this chocolate …. DSC03063  but I was disappointed as I was expecting a bit of a gooey center.    Oh well, at least it wasn’t awful.



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  1. I confess I’ve become very suspicious of “gourmet” flavored chocolates. They usually cost three times as much as a Hershey’s bar but seldom taste as good. And yes, I’d expect a red velvet cake-flavored chocolate bar to have a soft center!

    • I don’t like Hershey’s chocolates at all but then I do like our (equivalently cheap) Cadbury chocolate (not the ones made here under license by Hershey’s). I agree that I don’t think I’ve had any ‘gourmet” flavored chocolates worth the cost – certainly none that I’ve remembered anyway.

    • It certainly seems to be all the rage at the moment. When I was in Australia I was surprised at how often I saw Tapenade on menus as if it was a new discovery – it was served with everything!

  2. My rule for food is “if it takes more than two words to modify the description (e.g., “blackened chicken fried steak” as opposed to “chicken fried steak”), then it probably isn’t any good”. Thus far, I haven’t found any exceptions to the rule…

  3. I don’t get the red velvet fad. That was big in like the 50s here and Gram made it a couple of times without great response (and she was a fantastic chef, so I don’t doubt the baking).

    They’re PRETTY mind, you!

    I got some Tabasco choc that I knew would be poor choc but just had to try it. The Tabasco almost offset the shitty, waxy, Hershey’s-like choc!


    I’m going to add T to one of my 99% cacao bars one day, like T rather than vanilla?

    I got a blackcurrant bar once and it, too, was disappointing. BC is so sweet but they used like 55% cacao (not bitter enough for the ‘mix’ IMO).

    • I must admit I’d never heard of a red velvet cake until I came here. I’ve had a couple of nice red velvet cupcakes – a phenomenon I don’t totally understand as “patty cakes” were never trendy! 🙂

      Yeah, I think I’ll stick to only adding caramel or coffee to my chocolate for a while.

  4. Awww. It’s really disappointing when something isn’t what it looks like it ought to be, candy-wise. I’ve never had a red velvet cake so I don’t know what that flavor is. It’s funny about chocolate. I don’t like the “fancy” ones very much (Godiva, Ghirardelli, etc). They always feel too oily to my mouth, and the flavors get lost in all the goo. Seems like the cheaper, the better, for me at least…and nothing can replace Reeses. IMHO.
    Well, at least you tried it. I wonder what the SGR stands for. Will go look.

    ::runs back:: Hmmm. Very little shows up in a search for SGR. No website, just a trademark documentation page and some references to chocolate. Seems like they’re new.

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