Really? You call this Spring?


I arrived back in DC expecting spring!   Silly me; why would I think that when we’ve just had our coldest, snowiest winter in 20 years?   In a day I went from t-shirt & sunscreen to puffy coat, layers of scarves & gloves.  Today we got about 2 inches of that cold, white stuff:   spring snow.Snow March 25.

I had an absolutely wonderful time home in Australia;  family, friends, a museum and 2 art galleries. Walks on the beach, rides on the river ferry. Entertaining & being entertained; great food and probably too much wine.  But, when I didn’t have a glass in my hand, I was holding this adorable little guy:     DSC02627He is so placid he even put up with my inept handling.   Grandchildren really are special even though I still don’t think I’m old enough to have one!  It was incredibly difficult to say au revoir this year.





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  1. I know. Crazy! I walked out in it today, headed to school, and walked past all these pretty pansies planted outside buildings around George Washington University, and they were all wilting under the snow. It’s hard to believe that about a week ago I was wandering around without even a sweater on. I was all excited about moving to D.C. and having a more mild winter. 🙂

  2. What a cute baby–I can see it must’ve been hard to leave, let alone the weather you were coming to. You should be getting a warm-up soon, right? It’ll be in the 40s here in New York, later this week–woohoo!

  3. That is such a great photo of you two! He is adorable and you are definitely too young to be a grandmother!!
    It’s snowing here now, I guess ours started later. ARRRRRRGGGGHHHH
    Isnt it almost cherry blossom time? sheesh!
    I got your postcard on Saturday! Thanks! That is a really nice art print too, I was impressed that it was so old, I didn’t know how old that bridge was.

    • Yes, now’s the time to plan your trip over here to see the blossoms (& me). The Festival has started but I’m not sure when they’re expecting the blossoms to peak – the cold weather has delayed them. Righto – I just checked and they predict April 8 – 12 and the Festival finishes on the 13th.

      I’m glad the postcard arrived – I went arty instead of touristy this year. I’m sure I’ve sent all the tourist ones by now.

      • Yeah I definitely should start thinking about coming down there for the day, now that I can make a long day of it. Of course I have my 7:30 spin classes on Saturday till the end of the month, a haircut on the 13th, my mom’s bday is the 19th, Easter is the 20th…*rolls eyes* Here I thought oh I have plenty of free time! Of course had she not scalped me in january I’d have gotten my hair cut last weekend….well we should talk about days that work for you and me…

    • WordPress cut me off! I guess they don’t want me to leave long comments anymore, lol.

      I was going to say, I love that picture of you and your grandson! You both look cute! I can also imagine how painful it was to say farewell. On my last day in New York, I couldn’t hold my grandson without bursting into tears, so I finally left him in the arms of his mother and father. Skype is wonderful for saying hi to Grandson, but it’s never the same. I hope you get the opportunity to hold him again soon.

  4. That’s a FANTASTIC photo of you and the wee Aussie!

    We got a couple of inches of snow 2 days ago, too. It’s already melted, though it was -6C this AM again. We’re doing the up and down thing but this will soon turn to blazing heat.

    Thanks for the great postcards, I loved them!

  5. 90 mm of rain here in “sunny” Queensland. It’s still bucketing down. I blame you, Emjay. 😉 Glad you enjoyed your time catching up with new grandson.

  6. Your little man has the nappies face ever. I could never live away from our grand daughter now, and hope I never have too. We have had over a 100mm rain and on the edge of flooding again. It will be interesting to see what our winter shapes up to – they appear to be getting warmer.

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