Cheers from Sydney


I’m so glad to be out of the seemingly never-ending winter!   I flew out of DC on Saturday; on Sunday they got another 5-6″ of snow.  I’m going to spend 3 weeks here defrosting  –  probably most of the time there will be a chilled glass of white in my hand;  seriously I do not drink as much as it might seem……



17 responses

  1. Hey, congrats for escaping this winter hole! You are so pretty – I love your hair! I hope I can get to defrost sometime…..they said snow next week too. Agh!

  2. Hooray for warmer climates. When I look out my dreary window I start counting the minutes until I get back to California/nice warm civilization.

  3. I’m prepared the believe that the glasses of wine are just a photography prop Emjay 🙂
    That’s a very nice photograph of you both. Hope your weather is more to your liking by now.

    • LOL – you’re a gentleman GOF. The weather only improved yesterday – hopefully we get a decent spring and don’t go bounding into hot, humid summer after only a week of nice temperatures.

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