Chile: Valparaiso – From Pablo’s downhill

We left Pablo Neruda’s house heading towards the port, stopping at a plaza to do silly things that tourists do:

We stopped at Cementerio No 2 located on Pantheon Hill.  Created in 1845 it was declared a National Monument of Chile in 2005.  Yes – that’s a barbeque being whipped up just inside the gates!

We wound our way through alleys and up & down weird staircases & pathways.    Valparaiso was a small fishing village during Spanish colonial times but after independence from Spain in 1818 it became the base for the Chilean navy and with that came development.  In 1906  a major earthquake struck causing extensive damage; rebuilding included widening of the streets.

Valparaiso is nicknamed “The Jewel of the Pacific” and was declared a world heritage site in 2003 based on its “improvised urban design and unique architecture”.    It’s a wonderful higgledy piggledy landscape:  –



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  1. Re the man barbecuing outside of the cemetery: it seems as if the Latin countries have a much more pragmatic view of death. In Mexico, they have picnics over their family members’ graves on Day of the Dead and regard it as a fun way to celebrate the holiday. I’m not sure I want to eat food prepared so close to a graveyard, but that’s just my personal preference, lol.

    Valparaiso is a very lovely city. Did you ever get to try Chilean sea bass, by the way? I’ve heard the city is known for its seafood.

  2. Love the colors – are those bougainvilleas tumbling over the balconies? Unexpected facades and tiled streets: exactly what one wants to discover when exploring a new city!

  3. I like that there is so much colour….paint and plants…. wherever you look unlike many drab cities around the world. Great that it’s a world heritage site before someone decides to bulldoze it and build high-rise apartments.

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