Chile: Valparaiso by night


After dinner we went for a stroll around the surprisingly empty streets.  The murals, which were bright and cheery by daylight, lent an eerie feel;  we almost believed we’d wandered into a horror movie….

Until we came across the cutest, snazziest dog house in the middle of the footpath; no need to mention Cujo….    IMG_7350a

The next day we were going visit Pablo Neruda’s house,  La Sebastiano.



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  1. Those dog houses are cute! Did someone make those for the stray dogs in the street, or do those dogs belong to a person?

    It’s odd how nighttime can transform what normally looks colorful and cheery during the day into something eerie and nightmarish. There’s a street mural several blocks from here featuring Mayan-style art. During the day, it’s very bold and bright, but at night it’s spooky, particularly the Mayan priests with their batons and feathered costumes. It doesn’t help that it’s so dark in that particular section of the neighborhood. I once drove by the mural at night, and I almost jumped out of my seat when my headlights lit up one of the faces on the wall. It seems silly now, but it was like it was gawking at me, lol.

    • Someone would’ve made them for the strays. Stray dogs were estimated to be around 100,000 in 2011 when a neutered program was started. Amazing to think of that many dogs just roaming the streets.

      LOL – that’s funny about the mural – I can see how that could happen. There were some areas in Valparaiso where the murals made me feel quite uneasy lit as they were by the streetlights.

    • The graffiti was fantastic – though it’s probably referred to as “murales” … I have 2 upcoming posts just on the murals. Here in DC they paint murals in areas previously “tagged” with graffiti – it seems to stop new tags appearing.
      I was quite stunned when I read the 100,000 stray dogs figure!! Since 2011 there has been a concerted effort to neuter the dogs – they still roam the streets but the numbers are not increasing. (this is a bit like the Alley Cat association here in DC that neuters cats and then releases them back to the alleys).

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