Chile: Valparaiso – Hotel Boutique Acontraluz


The midget car came into its own in Valparaiso.  The streets are cobbled, narrow, winding and hilly…  that’s the sort of place where you really need a small car… .

We drove those narrow, winding roads in a circle searching for our accommodation with Lee telling us 5 or 6 times that we’d arrived at our destination on the left….  only to see there a building site on a street named nothing like where our hotel supposedly was.  “Someone”  had put the wrong address into the GPS.   In my defence I suspect the GPS signal was lost when we parked underground at that supermarket  3 hours ago and Lee reset himself to the center of Valparaiso!

Once we arrived at the Hotel Boutique Acontraluz, a bed & breakfast,  we were really impressed.  For starters there is no parking at the hotel but the young lady at reception went out and stood in a space on the street to “save”  it while I went to retrieve the manservant who was driving loops a few blocks over.

Our room was at the front of the building – 1st floor to Aussies; 2nd floor to Americans .   The interior of the hotel was lovely:

There was a deck where you could have drinks in the evening – or actually any time of the day..

And a really superb breakfast could be enjoyed whilst watching the sun rise over the port:  IMG_2105

Once we’d checked in and deposited our stuff we went off to a restaurant recommended for its pisco sours.  Good food was a side benefit 🙂

At least we ended the day on a good note!


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  1. I noticed you have a new photo in your banner. If it’s still like that in D.C., you must miss Chile terribly!

    It all looks wonderful, but I really like that one dish—could it be smoked salmon with capers and parmesan cheese? A nice accompaniment to Pisco sours!

    • We’ve had 2 days in the high 50’s – low 60’s so most of the snow is gone now thank God. I heard a forecast this morning though for “measurable snow” on Wednesday 😦 . I’m looking forward to putting a spring banner up but there’s no sign of anything “springy” yet.

      My dinner was a salmon carpaccio and it was delicious – it was very lightly smoked. As you can see the manservant had something unhealthy LOL.

  2. Cool hotel. I love the way the electrical wires in the streets are strung up every which way. Workplace Health and Safety Officers from Australia would have heart attacks. 🙂
    Any safety concerns driving around the back streets?

    • I think you’d be impressed by the hotel GOF – they are totally solar powered. Of course I don’t think they get a wet season like you’s probably not good business sense to run a hotel off the grid unless there’s some sunshine every day. LOL – yeah those wires were a worry! I didn’t feel unsafe anywhere in Chile even though we did hear/read stories of bag snatchings etc and I was told a few times by strangers to put my camera out of sight or put my handbag to the front of my body and we have a friend who was mugged on a pretty main road in Santiago.

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