Happy Birthday Jane!


Oh my God – my little sister, Jane, can not possibly be 50 today!   I’m pretty sure I’m  somewhere around 30 which makes her in the early 20’s.

When I said to my mother this week “Hard to think of Jane being 50 when I don’t think of myself as being 57 this year”  she replied:  “My advice is to never think about how old you are, just be sure to remember the date of your birth!”

Happy Birthday Jane  –  you were such a cutie….




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    • I remember when the Beatles came to Australia (1964) mostly because my aunt was a huge fan and my grandfather used to tell her to “turn down that ra-ra music” LOL. When I give my year of birth now I think it sounds just so very long ago – like another generation ago!

  1. Notice you said “were such a cutie,” instead of “are.” I guess once we’re 50, we’re not so cute anymore! 😀

    I’m turning 58 this year and am trying not to think about it. Not in a negative way, at least!

    • 57/58 it’s all the same when we’re this close to 60 🙂 Sixty used to seem so old! I once told a guy at work that his new lady friend was “attractive” which he later repeated to her. The next day he told me she was upset at that description and I was really confused. He said “she thinks “pretty” is a higher compliment.”

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