Chile: Colchagua Valley


We lunched in the heart of the Colchagua Valley at the Ristorante Vino Bello which is on the Laura Hartwig Vineyard:

This photo is not really a photo of me, (though it obviously is), but rather of the horseshoes on the wall over my shoulders.  Those are the symbols for the toilets and this is the only time on our trip where I got it totally wrong – and I hadn’t even had anything to drink then!.  I only wanted to wash my hands before eating so went to the one I *thought*  was the ladies…..and yes, I was wrong.  No-one was in there so I started soaping my hands when a waiter came rushing in all breathless and making shooing motions;  ‘out, out’ .  I finished washing & drying my hands with him standing guard at the door looking very annoyed with me!   I found it really funny but I did feel a little embarrassed walking back to our table with people looking at me. .


After lunch we headed towards the B&B I had booked and came across this little market.

The B&B Bellavista de Colchagua.  Our room was in a unit of 2 beside the pool rather than in the main house;  it was called the Pinot Noir room and it was perfect!

That evening we drove down the winding road to a restaurant in the middle of no-where but highly recommended by the B&B owner Oriana.   We were still stuffed from lunch so ate lightly but thoroughly enjoyed the little connection to lunch in the Laura Hartwig wine.



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  1. Amazing places you discovered on this journey Emjay, and the photographs are quite superb. Markets are always interesting wherever you find them. The image on the secreto bottle has me scratching my head.

    • The funny thing about that wine is it’s from Casablanca which is a different wine-growing area of Chile (I didn’t realise that until your comment & I was looking at the label!) I don’t imagine a restaurant in a Hunter Valley vineyard would stock wine from the Barossa but perhaps they do…. I think the label means it’s a secret love (the heart on girl) though whether for each other or the wine is uncertain, or perhaps it’s *the* wine to propose with.

  2. If it wasn’t for the Spanish label on the wine bottles, I would have thought you visited Napa Valley! What a gorgeous spot to vacation at!

    As for the restroom confusion, all I have to say is if they aren’t going to clearly label the doors for mujeres and hombres, then you have nothing to apologize for. Of course, I speak as the woman who entered a building through an “Exit Only” door—it had the international sign with the slash over a blue circle—and got bawled out by a furious security guard. This was in Canada, by the way, where they speak English (most places, anyway)!

    • Yes, it definitely had that Napa Valley feel to it though people seem to go on booked tours of the vineyards rather than just drop-in (though it’s been a very long time since I was in the Napa so it might be the same there now). In Australia you just drive from winery to winery as fancy strikes.

      The funny thing about those toilets is that I’d actually thought carefully about the horse-shoes and came up with “h” for her and “m” for men. LOL.

      • In the Napa Valley and most places in California, you do both, take a booked tour or drop in at whichever winery strikes your fancy. The problem sometimes is that some wineries have limited hours and days for public tastings, so if you happen be driving around on a weekday, you may find very few places open, especially during the off season, which would be now. My older daughter booked her wedding at a winery in September, and while the weather was lovely, the winery owner wouldn’t allow us to taste her wines because she was “not a public tasting facility.” Instead, we had to buy several cases for the wedding, which struck me as somewhat chintzy. Her wines were very good however, and I was sorry there were no leftover bottles to take home!

  3. Wine…I could do with some right now. I’m fighting the temptation to have a boatload of chocolate hearts with a cupcake chaser, and a glass of wine would act as a fine replacement, I think.

    Such elegant photos! Markets that you just ‘come across’ are the best kind, aren’t they?

    • It’s now Saturday ‘arvo of a long weekend; a foot of snow on the ground – a perfect time for a glass or two I think Aubrey. I don’t see why we can’t have chocolate, cupcake *and* wine…..

      The little market was terrific – the wooden items were exquisitely made.

    • LOL. Perhaps there should be standard international symbols for rest rooms. I really thought about those horseshoes – but obviously my brain was not thinking in Spanish! LOL. “m” for Men and “h” for Her seems silly now! 🙂

  4. It looks a very beautiful part of the world. Stunning photographs. Pity about the restroom mix-up, but at least you can laugh it off. I saw an interesting design a while back, based on a depiction of mangoes hanging down. And the sign “Mangoes” (man goes) and “No Mangoes” (no man goes). So you could interpret both the design and wordage in any number of ways and still come up with the right answer …….

  5. Wow that place looks amazing! Thanks to HG, I was searching the recesses of my brain for the M and the H words. I came up with Hermano/a which I knew was wrong. My work computer is ridiculously slow these days so I have to look at the individual photos at home later because they look so lovely in the small version already.

    • I like little pictures of things like dresses and cowboy hats on toilet doors. I recently saw doors with a parasol and a walking stick and thought they were a bit ambiguous as the parasol could be confused with an umbrella and you’d be forgiven for thinking they were unisex toilets…. ha, perhaps they were!

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