Chile: The earth moved


It was our last night in Santiago – the next morning we were heading south to Santa Cruz.

We were sitting on the couch & I was reading, aloud, details of something we were going to see when I barely heard the manservant whisper:

“We’re having an earthquake; we’re having an earthquake” …  and got up and placed himself in the doorway (he’s Californian).

Nah,  I just drank my wine too quickly;  it was a similar swaying feeling.  Then I noticed the lights swinging…

I said:   “Really!! – you left me sitting on the couch while you went to save yourself?”

He said:  “Well, I told you we were having an earthquake”.

Well, yes he did and yes there was an earthquake*..  but a bit of urgency in his voice might’ve got me off the couch!

* news link.





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    • Ha! I would have leapt for the doorway on the first vibration in the floor! But I’ve been ridiculed by my Midwestern-born children so often for panicking that I find screaming a warning (“IT’S AN EARTHQUAKE! RUN!”) a thankless task. These are the same kids who hardly blink when they hear the tornado sirens go off during a storm.

      • @HG – when we had an earthquake here a couple of years ago I got up from my desk and stood in the doorway while everyone else ran up & down the hallway. I had experienced the earthquake in Newcastle Au so I knew what it sounded like. This one in Chile was a long way from where we were so there was none of that rattling/rumbling sort of sound and I really didn’t feel the floor moving. It was only when I saw the pendulum lights swaying that I thought he might be right. I put my socks & shoes on! 🙂

  1. You thought that it was your effect on him, right?

    Glad you were okay! We’re on the New Madrid fault and get little ones. It’s odd because somebody down the road won’t feel it but your bed may shake you awake.

    • The manservant was stuck in Chile after the big one of 2010 so a combination of that & the Californian connection should’ve given me a twinkling that he was being serious. I just wish he’d sound a little more panicked when action is required – like when I drive on the left accidentally I hear this little voice beside me saying “wrong side; wrong side” . What?? when I’ve mentioned that he needs to shout he says he doesn’t want to scare me LOL.

    • Yeah – he’s been affected by a few big quakes though (San Fernando & Northridge quakes in CA and the huge one in Chile in 2010) and he’s generally a more cautious person than me. And his sense of self preservation is obviously strong LOL.

  2. I’d never experienced an earthquake until I went to PNG and there were a couple in the first week which scared the hell outta me. They were so frequent (but rarely major) that eventually we never bothered to evacuate buildings or even get out of bed….just enjoyed the sensation.

    • Yeah, but you never know when that big one is going to come; perhaps it never does but perhaps it’s the next one….. I’ve experienced 2 earthquakes in areas not normally associated with them – Newcastle Au (1989) and Washington DC (2011) – how bizarre! Unlike poor old Newcastle & DC they have pretty stringent building codes in Chile. The Washington Monument has just reopened after being repaired but they are still working on the lovely old National Cathedral.

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