Chile: We find America in Santiago…


On our 5th and final day in Santiago we’d planned on driving a rental car to explore the Andes but plans were scraped when we could not find the rental place.  No car; no trip!    So we ventured into El Barrio El Golf –  a neighborhood located in the municipality of Las Condes.  It’s an affluent & elegant area of 2.75 sq km established in 1937 which was planned & designed as a residential area with public space but which has since expanded to attract commercial development and is also home to the American embassy which looks rather bunker-like….    IMG_6843And a lot more of America…

There were some interesting art installations:

And … some impressive modern buildings

After spending all that time in beautiful old buildings I’m not sure I liked many of these – though I was impressed by the “green”  building which is an Intercontinental Hotel:

And we did the very American thing of spending some time in the food court of a giant shopping mall!   Actually this was a licensed area so I left the manservant here while I went off to buy that scarf  …  IMG_6886Then it was back to our hotel which shared the street with the murder squad… IMG_2090aOur room had a large living area with a huge window   IMG_1583

And a view straight to the Andes…..




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    • I know; it’s so wrong! It was sort of nice that they were all clumped together in the one area though – I’m glad there was not a Starbucks next to one of those lovely old churches or museums.

  1. Seems the American businesses are proliferating in most countries around the world these days.
    Oh…and that’s art is it? I’ve got lots of ‘art’ piled up behind my workshop. 😉

    • LOL all that art you have piled up! There’s a city just waiting for it.
      I was glad that the American places were grouped in the one area – it would’ve been a shame to see them next to those old churches & museums. I suppose it is inevitable that they will eventually creep into those more historic areas.

  2. Well, at least the US franchises there are housed in more interesting buildings than over here. In the neighborhood where I live, everything seems to be set in a strip mall.

    How were the prices in Chile? I would guess everything is cheaper there, but then my younger daughter told me that Coach bags, Guess jeans and just about any luxury hotel room are expensive no matter where you go, whether it’s Tokyo or Mumbai. And no photo of the lovely scarf? 🙂

    • The only photo of the scarf is one wrapped around my neck where I actually look like it’s strangling me, complete with pained expression. 🙂 Re the prices: the long silk scarf was $20US and I bought that backpack (pictured in the food court as I was showing the manservant) for about $30. We ate out every lunch and dinner for cheaper than here; the wines were *lots* cheaper! We had our last night in what would be called a “luxury” hotel and yes it was the same cost as those here. It was our one splurge as I was flying home and the manservant was flying off to the mountain for 2 weeks. 🙂

    • Yeah – a shame isn’t it! I was surprised to find one in Nanjing but then they have KFC and McDonalds everywhere in China so I should not have been surprised. I don’t think there are Denny’s, Applebees or Ruby Tuesdays in Australia yet….. (Starbucks is there 😦 )

  3. Sharing a street with a murder squad sounds better than being where they show up!

    I’m not too much into the modern buildings, either. I can’t say that I know much about architecture but when people say, ‘Isn’t the new library BEAUTIFUL?!?’ at my alma mater, I say, ‘I used to park in that spot. Had a nice garden on 3 sides. This new thing? Hrm, well it’s tall and being new means it’s clean on the inside, I suppose…’

    I see them as public McMansions. I suppose in 100 years, if they’re still standing, people will ooo and ahh at them — probably rightly so! I just like the more classical looking ones.

    • I agree Lily – I much prefer classical architecture. I suppose there will come a time when all this modern stuff will be considered “classical” . It just doesn’t look beautiful to me – I would call it “edgy” – but in a few years time edgy might become “dated”…..

      Having seen the library in Santiago (a few posts ago) I don’t think anything modern will ever come close to the beauty of that building.

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