A bit more on the snow…


The manservant is a shovel-snow-virgin no more!  We got about 5″ total so he got to shovel when he arrived home (pictured) and again this morning. IMG_2635

I took this photo just after 7pm last night before pulling the blinds and turning the heat up for the night: IMG_2642

I love seeing cars shrouded in snow  – the thought of scraping snow and ice off before you can drive reminds me how lucky I am to not own a car, even if I do have to trudge along slippery uncleared sidewalks to the metro.   Taken this morning…. IMG_2654I tend to change my mind once those cars are warmed up and whizzing past me with the people all snuggly inside!    It was a high of only 17F here today;  hard to believe it was 60+ on Monday!



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  1. I oftentimes say to myself I miss snow, but seeing your photos reminds me I am deluded or hopelessly nostalgic for something that wasn’t so great. It is pretty, but walking along an icy sidewalk or trying to break a path through an unshoveled sidewalk is not. Stay safe, Emjay. I don’t want to read any more posts about you falling and breaking a bone!

    • Yes it is pretty HG but you are right about those icy sidewalks. There’s a church near me and they are the worst offenders, in my neighbourhood, at never clearing their sidewalk! I swear and utter many blasphemies each day I have to walk the block of their treacherous sidewalk!

  2. It’s the extremes that get ya, yeah? We’re 0F now and was wearing NO coat Monday afternoon (granted, I think it was 42F but considering what it has been)…

    I don’t mind winter but I HATE ice and the upsy-downsies are killer. Just let me get USED to it!

    • Oh! How interesting. … you mean you put the socks over the shoes? It must’ve looked strange but if it works that’s terrific. I care less what I look like as I get older… but that must mean more washing. 🙂

      I really enjoyed my wine while the manservant shovelled! 🙂

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