Just a few hours difference


When I left for work at 7am this morning my street looked like this:



It started snowing around 11am and our office closed early.  I got home at 3pm to my street looking like this: IMG_2615


Our little row houses look so pretty against snow:  IMG_2617

Apparently we have 3 more hours of snow coming……    and the manservant’s plane just landed!   This will be the first time here that he’s had to shovel snow!  He’s always managed to be away for all the weather events but I’ll save the happy dance for when he’s actually in the door…..



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      • Yep, thought as much. In fact, I have been wondering about productivity in the American workplace. Time was, Australia compared unfavourably with Americans, who appeared to take it all so much more seriously than us. These last months, I have noticed from a number of the US blogs that I follow, most people are coming home early or staying away from work altogether…. so who keep the wheels turning? Or – do the wheels just fall off? hmmmm, the mysteries of life.

  1. It was 75 here yesterday … will be low 20’s with wind-chills in the single digits on Thursday! But, it’s a dry front so no snow for us. We could use the moisture, but I’m shedding no tears over missing out this time.

    • Yeah it was 60+ here yesterday – beautiful. It was 38 when I left home this morning and 26 when I came back and apparently we are not going to get as warm as freezing again until Saturday. I’m just so happy that I’m not going to have to shovel this one!! Though I feel that perhaps I should go and make a start on it before it gets dark as he’s not home yet …

  2. Oh good grief! Please don’t send it over our way – we’ve got away with no snow so far this winter and it felt almost spring-like today. Great that OH will be back to do the shovelling – my dad was the same…. always away when something catastrophic happened (he missed the 1987 hurricane in the UK)

    • We’ve had a couple of low-snow winters so we are due a “real” winter (though I’m happy to have a winter with no snow there are plenty of people who feel that winter is not winter unless it snows).

      The manservant has missed every weather event along with a few home catastrophes and my injuries. He has had impeccable timing – I don’t know what’s gone wrong this time! LOL.

  3. Wow it was *only* 50 here yesterday and dropped to the 20s by the time I went to bed I think, at least it was when I woke up. It started flurrying here around 9 and really started coming down maybe 10 or 10:30. I should have been more on the ball and got my stuff done quicker, payroll came in around 11 like normal and I had estimates to do, I think the estimator and I left at 1, and I got home at 2 (normally a 15-20 minute drive mainly on 1 road), we must have had close to 6 inches already but it was kind of hard to tell between the wind blowing it around and the pristine-ness making for difficult depth perception and I wanted in so bad I didn’t really care! Thankfully a neighbor did my walk for me before I got home, someone ran the snowblower across the main sidewalk a couple hours later, so it shouldn’t be too bad tomorrow. Sorta. We may not go in tomorrow and my doctor appointment was moved back to 2 so I really doubt I will be going in because the dr. office is 10-15 minutes in the opposite direction of my work office anyway…
    Well anyhow, I hope the manservant appreciates what you have been going through while he is out of town not shoveling! Enjoy your day off!

    • I saw the guy across the street doing a couple of public sidewalks of elderly people and wished he’d come and do mine…. I’m almost elderly! 🙂 I saw that Philly got a lot more snow than us so you deserved your day off. No day off for us – our office basically never closes.

  4. Oh Emjay! I think snow is pretty too, until I have to drive over it, or shovel it as the Manservant will. (I hope he will; my husband used to whine mightily if he came home late and found that I hadn’t shoveled the walks for him.)

    I have to confess that I’m wishing for a little winter-like weather now. It’s too warm and dry here. I just got home from running errands, and all I wanted to do was peel off my jacket and long-sleeved top and change into a light t-shirt. Nature needs to flip the weather around: give everyone on the East Coast some sunshine and temperatures in the 70s, while we get some rain and cold, winter-like air. I’d even take snow at this point!

    • Yep – I think snow is beautiful as long as you don’t have to “live” in it. I remember the winter I arrived (January 2000 Australia via Hawaii) – we had 8″ within days of me arriving and I thought it was marvelous and thoroughly enjoyed each snowfall that Jan/Feb. I finally got a work authorization permit and started working in September – the first snowfall we got after that? well, I thought it was inhumane making us go to work! 🙂

  5. It is nice, ours just started falling. Last week they told us we were in for an inch so we drove to the market, on the way home we were in a blinding snowstorm. Just 3 or 4 inches but it all fell at once, LOL! Hope you’re staying warm, and so glad shoveling duty is going to someone else for a change!

    • It was wonderful to see the manservant out there shoveling! It was only 5″ though, so he still has a bit to make up…. 🙂 You get much more snow than us – I think I’d get sick of it pretty quickly – I don’t want to live any further north.

  6. Be safe! We got almost nothing (barely covered my boot-tops) BUT it was ICE underneath. When there’s ice, SOMETHING has to be put down…they didn’t bother out where I live (meaning within 12 miles), so I had a day out of work, no pay. Plus, since they’re in town, they think I’m mental because THEIR streets were worked on. Grr.

    I *am* mental btw.

    • Oh – that sucks! (without pay); I think people in my office also have to use either vacation days or one of their 3 special days. I’ve always turned up but then I do live in the metropolitan area so I don’t really have an excuse not to. Ice seems to be the one almost insurmountable issue of winter weather.

      • I said, ‘I’m happy to come if somebody comes to fetch me.’

        Which, as you say, would be impossible. Only one other person couldn’t get out. It’s if they ‘do’ your roads!

        • I work with a poor woman who lives in basically rural Virginia and whose road is never done based on the fact that she is not on town water (the deciding factor apparently). When they forecast bad weather she quite often sleeps in the office just so she’ll be at work. It must really suck; though we do have a “wellness” room with couch, it’s a short couch!

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