Backwards & Forwards


Well here we are at the section of the calendar when people look back and compare their accomplishments against their goals and some of us make up a new list of things to fail at……
I’m not really a goal-making person;  I tend to operate by whatever the personal-life equivalent of management by crisis is.
However, I do think up “Projects”  for each year.  These involve doing something I think I will enjoy, like the photo-a-day project a few years ago.  Projects are never related to fitness or thinness which I *know* would not be enjoyable no matter what health professionals tell us.
My primary project for 2013 was to scan all those photos:    This photo was taken January 9th 2013
January 2013
So, let’s see how that project went;  here is a photo taken on December 30th 2013:
IMG_2511aWell, I think you could be forgiven for wondering what I’ve been doing all year!  But, I have made progress – the boxes of large albums & loose photos shipped from Australia are done and left to do are photo boxes,  small albums under the chair (back left) and a banker’s box.  Oh, …. and under that cloth on the right-hand chair are piles of loose photos.  These items were not in the January photo as I only collected them from around the house once I’d finished the Australian shipment.   (The tennis ball is to roll my feet over – “therapy” for my ongoing plantar fasciitis).

I must, I must get that dining room table back in 2014!    Throwing off-the-knee dinner parties is not as fun in one’s 50’s as it was in one’s 20’s & 30’s.

I hope you did well in your goals and projects for 2013 but I also hope that you are not too hard on yourself if you did not achieve all that you’d hoped or planned to.  There’s always 2014 ….  and here it is!

Happy New Year!



12 responses

  1. That’s a massive job! I seem to remember telling you last year that you had to clear that area as I planned on sleeping either on or under (under, knowing my proclivities) it when I come to visit. You could just throw a cloth over us (table and myself) and still have a dinner party. If I wake, I can help empty glasses.

    • Yeah, I know but I really wanted to have it all finished and packed up by today. Now I feel as though I’ve lost some of the enthusiasm and might be tempted to just put all that stuff back around the house…… but I won’t.

  2. I also tried scanning my parents’ and my own old photos this past year, but it was so tedious I finally lost interest. (Damn my father and his Brownie camera, which took these itty bitty pictures with no ID or notes to tell me what I was looking at.) You did put a dent in your project, and you’ve given your readers something to look forward to. Happy New Year, Emjay!

  3. Best wishes for your health and happiness in 2014 Emjay and you’ll never regret all the time you spend scanning old photographs…. a valuable treasure trove for your children.

  4. Scanning photos, one of those jobs that’s a proper pain in the wotsit – until it’s all done and then you can feel really smug about having done it. Then you can reward yourself with a nice glass of wine and a garibaldi 😀

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