Happy B’day Locksmith!


This day 29 years ago a wonderful mischief maker was born.  Newish Locksmith

As soon as he was able to move he was never still for more than 30 seconds at a time.  Forget about afternoon naps; forget about sleeping through the night. Ever.

His answer to what are you doing?   was always “I’m working”.   Work consisted of things like:  sawing the mortar out from between the bricks on the corner of the house; chopping along the length of Gran’s hose with a tomahawk;  “wood cutting”  Grandad’s work bench using Black & Decker tools;  painting the laundry wall in a permanent natural dye of red mud;  cleaning the toilet with every soap, lotion & makeup he could find (required plumbers to “unclean”);  testing the resilience of his cousin’s Lego by adding it to a fire;  throwing the neighbour’s deck chairs into their pool………. the long list now provides great laughs at family gatherings.

There was no such thing as “quiet time” with the Locksmith..   any downtime was spent considering what he could work on next (and thinking “Lord help me with these parents!)    What can I do next ...

10 weeks ago the Locksmith became a father and I admit to smirking as I thought of the challenges having an active little boy would bring and all that stuff about what goes around comes around….   but, though they are vaguely similar in appearance at the same age, (Locksmith on left)

Father & Son so far this placid little darling has been nothing but an angel.  Santa's helper

I reckon my son thinks he got the best early birthday present ever this year!.. Today my firstborn gets to spend time chilling with his firstborn.  Happy Birthday Locksmith!

Happy Birthday



11 responses

  1. Congrats to him.

    Hmmm … when Emjay was around a small child he was a brat. But when Emjay is on the other side of the world as a small child he’s a little angel. I wonder what we can decipher from this?


  2. Isn’t that the way? One little shit has an angel for a kid?! I think it skips generations…you know that means his Gran is an ANGEL (well…).

    Happy birthday Locksmith and happy BIRTHday, grandson!

  3. The Locksmith looks very relaxed as a father. I think it’s very different for young fathers these days: they seem more comfortable with diaper changes and feeding time than the men of my own generation. I hope his son won’t be quite as “busy” as he was as a child. That relaxed self-assuredness will dissolve quickly once he has to clean up after his busy boy, lol!

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