Chile: ~ on the side….


I always get travel insurance before tripping anywhere.  An old Australian TV advertisement starts playing in my head not long after I book a ticket – cue footage of you being medevaced  by helicopter out of some exotic locale (or sitting in an American ER!)  with a voice-over saying something like:  if  you can’t afford the insurance; you can’t afford the trip.  Scares me every time!

I got to the Accidental Death section and told the manservant:  I’m writing your name in as the beneficiary, but if anything happens to me I want the money to go to the new grandson  – Okay?

He says:  Should I make the trust available when he’s 18 or 21 ?

What??!   Shouldn’t his answer have been:  “Honey,  nothing’s going to happen to you”  …….



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  1. Well….he could argue that he was taking you at your word and his intent was sincere, lol. I don’t know. I learned not to expect any comforting words from my husband when I started talking about serious topics like end of life issues, wills, or life insurance. He was always brutally frank about that stuff. In some ways I’m glad, since he died unexpectedly and early in life, but we had everything prepared in the event of one of us passing before the other. Still, I wish he had been a little more kind about it. I nearly smacked him in the head when I asked him if he would remarry should anything happen to me, and he said yes far too quickly. 😀

    • I was more “prepared” when the kids were young than I am now at an age when I could potentially just drop dead (though I sincerely hope not! 🙂 ). I really do need to put some things down in writing – I tell people what I’d like to have happen or what not to do or who should have what, but really it needs to be in ink and indisputable.

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