Chile:- Christmas comes early; at least the tree does…


I intend to do my Chile-trip posts in the order that we did things but if I don’t do this one now it might actually be Christmas and then it won’t be funny.

A few days into our trip we’d gone to wander around the wealthy Santiago barrio of El Golf and it was much colder than forecast.  I was looking for a place selling scarves but there were no street vendors – at least none selling scarves.  I noticed people walking with boutique shopping bags so I asked and was directed to a huge shopping center a few blocks away.

Walking inside we were greeted by a massive Christmas tree!   Considering it was only October one might be forgiven for  wondering if it was left over from last year. …  IMG_6876a

Then there was the Vegas-like waterfall that changed colours:

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And tropical trees:  IMG_6877

In fact we could’ve been in America except the price tags were in Chilean pesos. I really hope our Christmas trees are not up yet!


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  1. My theory is that you shouldn’t start thinking about Christmas until after Thanksgiving and that you shouldn’t start decorating for it until at least December 1st. Malls (of all countries) seem to disagree with me on this.

    Did you find a scarf? Perhaps on the floor for Mujeres?

  2. I was just kvetching about looking for anything Armistice/Remembrance/Veteran’s day themed LAST WEEK and it’s all Christmas stuff–including carols over the loudspeakers. I like my holidays, all of them, in THEIR time.

    • Exactly! And, besides, if I buy Christmas gifts when I see the first advertisements in November I’m likely to forget I have them by the time we get into December and go out shopping all over again. Maybe that’s their diabolical plan ……

  3. Ooooo…beautiful pictures!
    But a scary situation. It was VERY early. Seems like the earlier we star “observing” holidays the less magical they seem. I wonder how it all feels to little kids? Like the world is one giant rotating holiday?

    • Yes the magic must diminish mustn’t it. It would be the same if fancy Easter eggs were available year-round – there’d be nothing to look forward to. A giant rotating holiday, without commercialization, sounds sort of nice though….. 🙂

  4. Ha! I love the indoor palm trees! In Minnesota the local mall also had palm trees growing inside, which I thought was odd, especially at Christmastime when people were hoping for snow and there were Christmas decorations and a Santa’s Workshop set up next to them. The trees also looked like they were trying to escape, the way they reached up towards the skylight.

    Chile, I take it, has cold winters, at least colder than California’s?

    • Living in Australia I used to think I wanted a white Christmas; now I have the fir trees and snow I want sun & palm trees!

      Chile is so long (38 degrees in latitude) that it has a few different climates. Where we were is considered a “mediterranean” climate. We could see the snow capped Andes out our hotel window in Santiago – they’re about an hour’s drive away. This particular day was about 60 degrees which is not that cold but we’d been having days in the 80’s so that drop made it feel worse. I only needed a cardigan in the evenings other days.

  5. Not related to this, but I noticed in your first post you said you have a new batch of 1000 photos to sort. And I’m thinking you probably still aren’t done with the gigantic sorting you were doing before. Good thing winter is upon us, maybe you’ll get snowed in for a few days and get some of that done, lol.

    • LOL – you’re right! I haven’t finished the scanning project yet though I’m a good way through it now. And, I haven’t started sorting any digital photos – old or the new Chilean ones. On the weekend I did put them into “folders’ on my laptop so I could more easily see what we did each day and I cropped a few and I had to rotate what seemed like 500 photos.

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