I’ve joined the granny club…

but a Mimi I will be.

At exactly midnight I was woken by this message from my son:   “We are in hospital, labour has begun!  Keep you posted”

I thought “okay,  I can doze until dawn or possibly breakfast” (which are basically the same thing) ….     Wrong!   At 1am I got a text saying “check your email for baby photo”  !!

All new babies look scrunched up and slightly alien to me and my grandson was really no different and even sported a cranky frown for his very first photo shoot.  He was still absolutely beautiful.

A couple of hours later he was looking more relaxed in his new world:  Little guy

The little guy arrived weighing 3.32kg and measuring 48.5cm long:   (7.25lbs & 19.09 inches).

He’s already a film star on my Skype video.    I won’t see him in the flesh until next year so thank God for Skype.   I was 18 years old before I saw my paternal grandmother and contact was limited to aerogrammes and pre-booked transatlantic trunk calls a few times a year.   This little guy is going to think Mimi lives in a computer as he’s going to be seeing me onscreen so often!



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  1. Oh Emjay! He’s just perfect! You should be so proud!

    Mimi is a sweet grandmother nickname. Someone told me that the reason why Nana and Meemaw became popular as grandma monikers is because they’re easy for small children to say. I think my grandson will have to figure out how to say ‘grandma,’ since I’ve stuck with it so far. His mother and aunt and uncle figured it out, though I think for the longest time my mother was called ‘gamma.’

  2. Congrats Grandma! So glad actually for Skype! I did not really see or get to know my Grandparents, even though I saw them 1-2 times per year. My Parents and their Grnad kids (My nephews) have a much much better bond due to skype and such!!!

  3. Congratulations, Mimi! I have to say, some babies are just ugly. It’s true. They are. But your little guy? He’s truly precious! Sweet sleeping eyes, long fingers….perfection!

    • Isn’t it such a relief when your friends have attractive babies? It’s always so difficult when someone proudly shows you a picture of their kid and you have to think of something to say other than “What’s the deal with his face?” Because, obviously, you can’t say “Your baby is an ugly little cross between a monkey and an alien and I hope she improves with age.” I always brace myself.

      • If you only knew the number of times I’ve almost blurted, “Holy cow! Look at the jowls on that one!” Bite your tongue, Katie. Bite your tongue.

        Fortunately, this little grand baby is free from big ol wrinkly jowls!

  4. Oh! Congratulations to Mum, Dad and Granny!

    He already loves you as much as you love him, Mimi 🙂

    He’s a darling dove, as they all are. I love me some BABIES!!!

  5. He is sooo cute! I especially like his ribbed *wife beater* tee shirt. Best wishes to you and your expanding family. I’ve envious that you are a Grandma! Hopefully I will be blessed too someday.

  6. Which of the kids is he the offspring of?

    He un-scrunched rather well and quickly. If those fingers stay like that, we have a possible musician here. Perhaps he can form an international band with HG’s Kai.

  7. Congratulations. You’ll make a great Skype mimi,
    My sister-in-law lives in the US, and my mother-in-law babysits her children through Skype as she finishes her home chores. And the kids really know her well enough as if she were living with them. So, Skype grandmothering does work.

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