Another point on her tiara

On this day in Australia, in 1989, the princess was born.  A welcome addition to a family containing 2 young princes.  Throughout the pregnancy I’d given thought to how noisy the house would be with a 3rd boy – and how truly outnumbered I’d be!
The boys look such little innocents with cheeky grins and their fairly new sister:  kids 30
But they could be mean when it came to her comfort object , a pink pig, which they would hold just out of her reach or hide out of sight.. Pink piggy
The princess realised she was going to have to toughen up if she was going to make it in a household containing hoodlums-in-the-making:last 2
She devised her own revenge. Wait until parent leaves the room. Let out a terrified screech; enjoy the parent’s return & shouting at boy.  Open blue eyes wide in total deniability to the boys’ claims of a setup:    Innocent
The princess was certainly a home-devil, street-angel …..angel
   And now she’s a lovely young lady… though she still gives her brothers a bit of a hard time!   Princess now poster
Happy Birthday Princess!!

16 responses

  1. I love that photo of the Princess with nunchucks! I bet she could have taken out her brothers in one swat!

    Happy birthday to your Princess! She’s the same age as my son, though like most girls I’ll bet she matured faster. Hope you were able to Skype with her today! 🙂

    • She was such a little cutie and those big blue eyes could just melt an admonishment before it was uttered. And, she had those boys wrapped around her finger. It’s really nice how close they are as adults.

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