Back to the church…


I’ve never been to church twice in such a short time-span!    Last night I  went back to the National City Christian Church, and took the manservant with me, to see a performance by the Washington Sinfonietta.

A sinfonietta is a musical group larger than a chamber ensemble but smaller than a full-size orchestra.   The Washington Sinfonietta last night had:  12 Violins,  4 Violas,  4 Cellos, 2 Double Bass, 2 Flutes,  3 Oboes, 2 Clarinets, 3 Bassoons, 4 Horns, 2 Trumpets, 1 Timpani/Percussion and the Organist and Conductor.

IMG_1508The event was titled “The King of Instruments Returns” and it consisted of 3 works in a program that lasted about 2 hours:-

Symphony No. 26 in E Flat, K 184  by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Organ Concerto in F, Op. 4, No. 4 HWV 292  by George Frideric Handel

Serenade No. 1, in D, Op. 11  by Johannes Brahms

As you can imagine there was amazing sound reverberating around the church but even so, it failed to keep the manservant awake during Mozart.    He said he was building up his stamina for Brahms!

At the end of the performance I went to the restroom, leaving the manservant to read all the displays on the history of the organ.  He wondered why I was taking so long …..   I felt as if I was back on the farm priming a pump.IMG_1510a

This is Thomas Circle as seen from the portico of the church.  There is a bronze equestrian statue of George Henry Thomas in the center.  The statue was done by John Quincy Adams Ward and was erected in the Circle in 1879.  IMG_1513

We decided on a late dinner somewhere along 14th Street and had to walk quite a way before we found a place with no wait for a table.  We found this new place, Bar di Bari, with outdoor seating and the weather was perfect for sitting outside.   We shared a cheese platter while waiting for mains of veggie lasagne (me) and steak.  Oh, and I enjoyed a glass of New Zealand Savignon Blanc while the manservant paired his steak with a very nice Sangiovese.    IMG_1516a

A very pleasant Saturday evening – though I think some of us enjoyed the classical music more than others…..



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  1. What a lovely evening! I was reading this and thinking that I do rather miss out livingi n a rural area, on this type of thing. Sure orlando is 35 miles away, but frankly. O-town doesn’t compare to your town for culture!

    • Yes we are very lucky here in DC when it comes to art & culture. When I was growing up in the middle of no-where we’d have an annual vacation in Sydney and one of the highlights was being taken to a play and a museum. Even going to a movie was exciting as we didn’t have a cinema in my little town!

  2. LOL at the Manservant for falling asleep during the Mozart. I would have been the opposite, sitting wide awake during Mozart and falling asleep during the Brahms. In his defense, I will say I find classical music so soothing, I sometimes drift off when I’m tired or have had a stressful week.

    I’m glad you had such a pleasant evening out. It sounds like a romantic date!

    • So funny you should say that HG…when the conductor was telling us we were about to hear an hour of Brahms he relayed a story… apparently when they were building the Boston music hall the builder quipped that if they were going to play Brahms they’d need extra doors for all the people wanting to leave.

    • I’m already looking forward to the December concert when they’ll be playing some Tchaikovsky and Vivaldi and “traditional music of the season” – I can already hear myself singing along to carols.

      I laughed out loud when I saw the sign in the toilet ….. and, it took about 8 pumps on the handle to flush liquids and a bit of paper. Reminded me of the old septic system where we had a 2-squares-of-paper ration.

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