Lunch & Dinner without the manservant…


Lunch :   This was a “Pink Panther” roll from the specials board in our local Thai restaurant.   I remember it saying –  “salmon, tuna and …..”  Now I’m not sure if the 3rd ingredient was  yellow tail or tamago – but I think it was yellow tail.  I Googled ‘pink panther’ sushi and got a variety in the fillings used and quite often they’re rolled in smoked salmon.  Mine was wrapped in pink soy paper.  I felt like I should have had a Hello Kitty plate.


And dinner:    Larb Tofu from the same restaurant – the reason I’d gone there in the first place was to get my dinner while I was already out so I didn’t have to go back out later.  The Pink Panther was purely an impulse buy.  Notice how I needed a larger glass of wine by the end of the day – housework drudgery is to blame.IMG_1459a

Now I’m sitting waiting for the manservant to get home  – he’s about to land at National after a trip to the west coast.   I wonder if there’s anything sweet in the fridge…..



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  1. I don’t want to alarm you, but it appears to me that you accidentally stumbled into a bait shop for your lunch purchase … Granny (Sorry, couldn’t resist. Only time I promise).

    And I’m rolling my eyes at the thought the chocoholic wondering if there’s anything sweet in the fridge …

    • LOL – well I did wonder if they’d found a way to use up the fish “off cuts” . Whenever I hear “granny” I see Granny Sweet & Precious.
      That is true about the chocoholic but I try not to buy any because I know I will eat them in one or two sittings. I’ve been known to get the manservant to hide them from me even though I can usually find them pretty quickly if I really want one. 🙂

  2. Your dinner looks yummy! Ignore the comment up above! But I’ve never heard of the pink panther sushi. I’ve noticed certain regions have their own spin on various sushi rolls, however. We have one restaurant here that gave the names of the owner’s friends and family to the sushi rolls on its menu, so I have a choice between a Bill, Staci or Suzanne roll, among others. 😀

    No apologies for the larger glass of wine. For a day of hard work, one must be rewarded!

    • I wonder if they have gone regional or “common” with sushi names in Japan or if it’s still quite traditionally named. I don’t imagine them having a “Philadelphia Roll” (with cream cheese) for example.

      It’s very easy to come up with reasons as to why the larger wine glass must be used….

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