50th Anniversary March on Washington – the people

I did not get to the National Mall today – a work mate went down earlier than my lunch hour and reported back that the line to get through the security checkpoint into the area near the Reflecting Pool was long; very long.  It extended from the WWII Memorial to beyond the Washington Monument –  a distance of about .4 of a mile.   On Saturday we did not have to pass through a security checkpoint –  that’s the difference that a few Presidents will make!

I don’t think my friend will mind if I use his photo (thank you MW).  That’s the Washington Monument on the right and the WWII Memorial is on the far left;  the Reflecting Pool is in-front of that (out of frame).    Click on the photo to see it better.   Security Line

I took over 300 photos on Saturday.  An event like this gives one “permission” to be snap-happy and there can’t be much expectation of privacy if you are a participant in the crowd.  I’m sure the manservant & I appear in other people’s photos.  I met fascinating people while I was snapping and I offered, and took, photos of people with their own cameras.   I also had people give me email addresses and ask if I would send photos I’d taken of them.   I got a lovely thank you message from one person which closed with “Kindness is contagious in such an atmosphere”.    Yes it is and if I’m still here when the 75th anniversary rolls around I will definitely attend – even if I have to roll a walker over all that grass!

So here is a collection of people shots –  click on any to enlarge it.

This lady was great.   When I asked what BAT stood for she hammed it up.  BAT =   Bad Ass Teachers ….  and proud of it:  IMG_6034a


This had to be the most stylish lady there…..


And this guy had great hair:


And there was just a really wonderful collection of people and characters gathered together in a peaceful manner.     Click on any of the thumbnails to enlarge the photo …..


.IMG_5843a IMG_5787a IMG_5782 IMG_5960a IMG_5962 IMG_5963 IMG_6042 IMG_6036a IMG_6026 IMG_6016 IMG_6008a IMG_5985a IMG_5982a IMG_5958a IMG_5954a IMG_5942a IMG_5923a IMG_5908a IMG_5901a IMG_5899a IMG_5885 IMG_5874 IMG_5870a IMG_5869 IMG_5867 IMG_5864a IMG_5857 IMG_5855a IMG_5838a IMG_5834a IMG_5814a IMG_5797 IMG_5790 IMG_5785a



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  1. I was listening to the speeches and music at the march live on NPR. Some of them were very moving and came from sources I didn’t expect (Oprah!). I’m glad you took these photos and posted them. They give a much better perspective of what went on that day.

    • At work we had our local news channel on in Reception as they covered the Wednesday event all day. Oprah & Forest Whitaker spoke – I assume because of The Butler movie. I felt sorry for the poor guy who had to stand in the rain holding the umbrella over Oprah.

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