50th Anniversary March on Washington – the tee shirts


Saturday was the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington but it was not the actual date of the original march.   That date is tomorrow, August 28th,  and will be marked by the Let Freedom Ring Commemoration and Call to Action event.  Along with others, Presidents Obama, Clinton & Carter will speak from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.  At 3pm bells will be rung, a half-century to the minute after Dr. King delivered his historic address.   I will be at work but perhaps I’ll try to walk down during my lunch break –  it would be interesting to compare the atmospheres of both events.   Unfortunately, there is rain forecast for tomorrow afternoon.

Saturday was such a beautiful day; perfect weather for a protest tee shirt:   There were 3 older ladies from North Carolina wearing this one and we chatted about their arrest experience.



Behind this man’s hands it says: End the war on drugs and mass incarceration:  IMG_5989a

And, here is a sampling of other tee shirts amongst the crowd:



















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    • The guy with MLK on the yellow t-shirts is Walter Reuther, then president of the UAW and an early supporter of civil rights and racial equality. The unions have had a huge presence at the civil rights/immigration reform/social justice marches lately, which is great. A delegation from the California State Employees’ Union is supposed to be there in D.C. I hope they don’t pass out from the humidity, though we’ve had several days that could challenge D.C.’s fearsome summer dewpoints.

  1. I’m surprised that Obama still has so much support with this crowd, given his previous support of NSA surveillance, but maybe that’s not the civil rights issue at this march. Martin Luther King Jr. would have been pleased to see a black president in the White House. I’m just sorry to see so many people still attacking Obama as a “foreigner” and questioning the legitimacy of his presidency. History will probably look back upon those critics with derision, though what legacy our president leaves is still, to me, up for judgement.

    • Yes, I’ve often wondered what Martin Luther King Jr. and other civil rights activists would’ve felt & said on hearing of Obama’s win if they’d still been alive. I wonder if they ever thought it would take so long for Americans to vote in a black president.

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