Sound advice


The end of a long day at work and I wasn’t the only one on the train with my mind tucked away and leave-me-alone body language.

I was probably also not the only one feeling a certain degree of hostility towards a whiny grizzling infant riding with his 20-something father.

As the child’s whines increased to that frequency capable of piercing through all known materials,  riders began scowling and glaring in the father’s direction.

Just as we were about to have murder on the metro the father diffused the tension by saying loudly to the child :  “Ooooooooh,   you’re going to remind all these people to use condoms”.



7 responses

  1. LOL! Though I’d be tempted to retort, “So why didn’t you?”

    Seriously, I try to be sympathetic to the weary parent who has to deal with an equally weary, hungry child in a public place. Been there, done that: I know sometimes, no matter how hard you try to shush or appease the child, nothing works, and you just have to pray your stop comes soon or the darn cashier hurries it up so you can get out of the store before the child completely explodes.

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