There’s a cat in my window….


This is Gingermutt,  often abbreviated in writing to G’mutt,  the alley cat who adopted us a little over 12 months ago.   On weekends I’m slower at getting out to feed him so he hops up here to see what’s going on.

Why are they inside and I’m still out here?  IMG_2114aHe does get to come inside but he doesn’t really enjoy it.   He hates the feel of carpet on his paws so he sits on the mat by the front door.   He purrs really loudly while looking longingly outside.  ..  IMG_0248a

Although he looks like a miniature lion out there he’s not much of a guard.  He’s a scaredy cat  – running off under the azalea if anyone comes up the path.IMG_2042a

I don’t think he was the brightest one of the litter.  He has to *see* us put food in his bowl to believe there’s any there.  He will never wander to the bowl just to see.   If I’m rushing off to work and meet him along the footpath I have to come  back to show him his waiting breakfast.     And when I say “show him”  I have to put my finger in the bowl and wriggle the biscuits about.   If I’m gone before he turns up the biscuits will still be in the bowl when I get home –  on the few occasions they aren’t  I assume another cat ate them!

Occasionally I’ll find him out on the back deck –  but he’s so stupid he doesn’t realize he’s visiting the same people.   He runs off as soon as the door’s opened.   It doesn’t matter if I’m talking to him, he really doesn’t seem to recognize me or my voice.   Obviously I turn into a witch traveling from the front door to the back one!    IMG_1162   Gingermutt is a great hunter of mice and rats (I’ll spare you a photo 🙂  suffice to say it can be unpleasant to clean up.  Good thing I’m a country girl.)  He delivers his gifts to the steps .  We share the stoop with a neighbour who absolutely hates cats and many, many times I find gifts on her little path or steps.   He’s trying to win her over –  but she’ll never know because I’m up before her and steal her presents away.

A ginger mutt you is…  Gingermutt I am

and I’m really quite attached to you even though I think you’re a bit stupid.



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  1. There is nothing like being befriended by a “feral” cat! (It sounds however like Gingermutt might be accustomed to some human company, or you’re just that nice to hang out with. 🙂 ) I had a cat, a big fat tuxedo, that had to be shown his food before he would eat. I wasn’t sure if it was stupidity (he wasn’t very bright) or fear, since our little feral girl would attack him if he got too close to her dish. Gingermutt might not be a fighter, or his status in the cat world might be very low, so he wants to make sure he’s not going to be attacked for checking if there’s food in the dish.

    People who don’t like feral cats don’t seem to realize they’re great at keeping down the population of rats and mice in a neighborhood. Since a couple of ferals moved into our area, we’ve had a lot fewer problems with rats raiding my father’s vegetable and fruit gardens. Our cats aren’t as friendly as Gingermutt, sad to say. One hissed at me the other day when I said hello!

  2. This is so sweet and I feel so empathetic towards you and G’mutt. Bobby’s half-retarded but oddly smart — at intervals one cannot easily predict.

    Fantastic share of piccies and stories, giving us a feel for Mr.Kitteh!

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