Loved the label…


but not so much the wine.     I still drank it though!


It was a little too fruity-sweet to what I  usually drink.



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  1. Well, you can’t say they didn’t warn you, lol. Pinot grigios are a nice sipping wine on a hot day, though the last time I had one—actually two or three—I felt mildly ill and migraine-y. Yes, I overdid it, but I normally can put away a half bottle at a meal without any ill effects. I think the high sugar content along with the sulfite level made me sick in the same way eating a large chunk of cake might. And it didn’t even have the funny label your bottle had!

    • I prefer some of the lighter rosé wines on hot days – though I tend to only drink in air conditioning otherwise I feel ill. If we’re entertaining or being entertained I really try to limit myself to 2 alcoholic drinks otherwise I feel like I’m “going stupid” .

  2. I love wine labels! This is a good one. Lots of edgy labels these days though I tend to like the artistic ones best and lean towards purchasing those first. So’s here to truth in labeling though the truth can be a bitch!

    • There is a french wine that has had a label designed every year, since the 1940’s, by famous artists or sculptors. I couldn’t afford to add them to my collection though! But, yes there are some great arty labels around and I’m generally attracted to them. Ha yes, absolutely re the truth!

  3. I like dark, dry wines BUT I’ve been drinking every malbec from Argentina I can lay hands on because I seem to like them all — some more than others but pretty much I think I’ve found my sweet spot. -see what I did?

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