Weekend in New York City


The manservant & I spent the weekend before my birthday in New York City.   Since May the manservant has only spent 12 days in DC with me  (!!) so it was nice to just get away and spend some time together and my birthday was a good excuse.

We rented a car…  here’s the entrance to the Holland Tunnel .. when we come out the other side we’ll be there!   IMG_1716

The one thing I really wanted to see was an exhibition at the International Center of Photography.   Of course no photography was allowed so I have nothing to share but to mention that it was well worth the $14 admission fee and it’s obviously a little known “attraction”  as there were hardly any people wandering the 2 floors.    There was a cool water feature outside the building:  IMG_1742.

Knowing that we’d probably have time to explore another gallery I wrote to HG and asked “if you could do only one museum (in NY) which would it be?”  and then totally ignored her suggestion.  Well, not quite ….  we did go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art but it was mid-afternoon and the mass of people in the queue inside, along with the $25 admission fee turned us away.   We are very spoilt here in DC with our free museums & galleries. IMG_1845We had one dinner at a Sichuan restaurant and one at a Greek place.  Each time we opened a bottle of wine I toasted “Happy Birthday to me”   – both these wines were pretty good: IMG_1910a


And we had a lovely long lunch at the Oyster Bar/Restaurant in Grand Central Station.     IMG_1767aIMG_1806IMG_1800aIMG_1794aIMG_1797aWe did not have tickets to a show but we did toy with the idea of seeing Spiderman until we went to the box office to inquire about tickets (there were none selling at the tkts stand in Times Square).  IMG_1864  So, how much are the cheapest tickets? –  well those would be $79 each and involve sitting in the last 3 rows up the top.   $99 gets you the few rows in-front of those 3 rows.    The guy said  “they are unobstructed views”  a number of times.   Well, I’m sorry but for my dollars I not only want  “unobstructed views,”   I want the actors to seem more my size than Lilliputian.  IMG_1254

We wandered the streets just taking in the sights – though we were hobbled somewhat by my stupid feet  – both feet were trussed up in ankle braces so I could do the miles.   IMG_1890aThere is so much entertainment on the footpath that you don’t really need to spend money on a show…   IMG_1263aIMG_1877IMG_1857IMG_1916

And the lights are always  dazzling.  IMG_1912IMG_1915Even in daylight the lights are bright IMG_1885IMG_1874Of course a trip to NY is not complete for me without a trip to the museum of Godiva  …. IMG_1839aIMG_1855awhere the manservant bought my birthday pressie….   IMG_2055a

On the way home I said to him “I can’t believe I went to New York and the only thing I bought myself was a cup”….    IMG_1287a  It’s a nice cup though..



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  1. Belated Happy Birthday, Emjay. Yours was much more exciting than mine. So much to see in NY even just wandering around Times Square.

  2. The fee to the Metropolitan Museum of Art is “suggested,” meaning you can pay whatever you can afford or think is reasonable. My older daughter was able to get us in for free since she is an employee of a sister museum and there is a some sort of courtesy program among the various museums in NYC. I wouldn’t want to stand in line in the heat, however. And I’d love to see the Museum of Photography on my next visit! 🙂

    The Oyster Bar is a lovely choice for lunch. Back in the day, we were told never to eat oysters in any month that didn’t have an R in it (May, June, July and August). During the summer months there was a greater danger of “red tide” and food poisoning. Nowadays, I suppose most of the oysters are raised on farms and shipped in refrigerated trucks, eliminating the danger.

    I’m happy you had a wonderful birthday celebration. Here’s wishing you many more!

    • You mentioned that about it being “suggested” but it didn’t say that on the board. It had various prices like students, child etc but I didn’t think I could get away with the child rate. I notice on their website it says “recommended” . Next visit we will get there for opening time before the crowds.

      I thought something similar about the oysters – dad used to have a little saying that he’d never eat fish in a town/city not on the water.

      It was such a hot weekend! And the streets were so crowded but it was a lot of fun.

      • They deliberately hide the “suggested” part, in hopes they can get all the gullible tourists from out of town to pay the full amount. My younger daughter, being the bold sort, went up to them and offered five dollars—and got in. The Met has a huge endowment, so they can afford to subsidize those of us who can’t afford $25 a pop to get in. To their credit, they also have this mission to educate the public about art and history, so they want to encourage more people to come visit, especially the children of New York.

        Do try coming in the fall! The weather is much nicer and there are fewer crowds.

  3. What a great bday party! If I ever get to NYC, I want YOU as guide!

    Thanks for sharing all those piccies cos it’s probably going to be til I’m in my 80s before I can afford a visit.

  4. $79????? For tickets????? EEEK!!!
    The photography exhibition sounds very cool.
    Wow! NYC is really amazing. Last time I was there was 1970.
    Ugh…tunnels. Not a fan. ::shivers::
    Your pictures are FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!
    Sounds like a wonderful birthday trip. And the Godiva-ness? Perfect!

    • Yep $79 for the cheapest tickets with an unobstructed view to the itty bitty stage! I think you’d really enjoy the International Center of Photography Robbie. The Godiva was a perfect end to a great weekend.

  5. Ooh, Happy Birthday! Gosh you are so close by (relative to many of my Vox buddies) I wish it was easier to hop on a train and just hang out when both our Manservants were away. Looks like a wicked time in NY. And yeah, everything’s become a ripoff even in small cities. But I’m glad you got to see some amazing sites!

  6. What a good weekend in New York to your birthday….Since my childhood, I would like to once Christmas to New York. I would then like to skating in Central Park :-)… Like the cup (and the bottle of wine:-)) and all the shots are very interesting.

    • The art museums/galleries certainly seemed expensive – we are very spoilt here in DC with our free Smithsonian museums. We tend to forget that museums/galleries in other cities must charge a fee to continue operating and we’re always a little shell-shocked when we see the prices. I expect theatre to be costly but it has to be a show I really, really want to see. (I didn’t really really want to see Spiderman but the shows we wanted to see on Broadway were sold out).

  7. I’ve always wanted to go to New York. It seems like so much fun! But I hate crowds and I can’t stand not being able to see miles ahead of me. (That’s also why I don’t like driving on the freeway at night.) Haha. I would stand out like a sore thumb among all those city people.

    Anyway, I’m glad you had a great time! 🙂

    • Yeah, it’s really, really crowded and unless you’re 6′ tall you’re not going to see much ahead of you other than a sea of heads. Plus you sort of get moved along at the speed of the crowd rather than at your own pace. I’m a fairly quick walker and I hate having to take dolly steps to avoid standing on someone’s heels.

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