56 years ago ….


Conversation when I went to pick up a prescription today:

CVS clerk:   What’s your birthdate without the year?

Me:    Today.

It felt pretty good to say that.

4:20 pm  23rd July ….   1957

Here I am almost brand new….

Brand newAnd here I am reaching my 1st birthday (though it was probably the ballerina’s last) :  Emjay turns 1

I’m unashamedly brash about announcing my birthday.    I love birthdays.   I think I’m still 5 years old on the inside.



44 responses

  1. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ::tosses confetti mixed with Reeses::

    Happiest of Birthdays, Emjay!!!!
    Adorable pix!!

    And btw, you’re still VERY young. I’ll be 62 a few weeks.

    • LOL Robbie – you’d have to come over and eat those Reeses!
      Happy Birthday in advance to you. It’s funny how everyone in their 50’s & 60’s seemed so old when we were in our 20’s… we’re not at all!

  2. Happy Birthday, belated. Sorry for the delay…with my RSS reader down for most of the week, I was cut off my life support.
    Have a great year.

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