Trashy Kitties


One day in Sydney I was driving along Victoria Road when I saw a strangely/funny positioned sign.  As I sped past I thought “wish I’d taken a photo of that”  – but there was no-where to stop.   A week later I was driving the same road so as I got closer I whipped the camera out and shot as I was approaching.   The lights were green so there was no time to zoom in my trusty little camera or take more than one shot.


So here I’ve cropped it for you:


Nah,  I don’t really think they’d put kittens in the wheelie bin………



10 responses

  1. LOL! Well, at least they were trying to do a good deed. I’m still a bit disturbed by something I saw the other day: a homeless man was sitting on the sidewalk with a cardboard box filled with tiny cute kittens. He said he was selling them for $5 each, and if he didn’t sell them all by the end of the day he would drown them. While I was there a woman who had also heard the man’s threats called the Humane Society. I didn’t stay around to see if they would actually come, but it was awfully hard not to turn around and buy those kittens.

    • Oh, I’m glad someone called the Humane Society. I’ve seen guys selling puppies out of cages and have heard that they come from puppy mills. The Washington Humane Society is very good at sending someone out when people call.

  2. Off topic, but I live right off of Victoria Rd. this is a bit further on though, down past Top Ryde?I am closer to the city down by Birkenhead Point in Drummoyne.

  3. OMGosh. Gives me shivers.
    Well, maybe it was just a sign on the biggest thing they had (so they could advertise) and the kittens were inside a building, safe, waiting for good homes. I’m going with that.

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