Serving size …


For lunch I was looking forward to a sandwich of cheese with tomato & basil from my garden……

One ounce of cheese is not very much if you want to follow the “official” serving size listed on the pack.  As soon as I cut it I knew it was not going to work….IMG_1206for that one ounce of cheese, even thinly sliced,  didn’t cover my bread!   IMG_12121

Luckily the rhubarb & ginger jam, purchased from my local Farmer’s Market, didn’t come with a label so I was free to slather it on unhindered by a dietary guideline.    IMG_1213



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    • I used to buy “cave aged” cheddar from the market – they’d cut it off a big block and wrap it in greaseproof paper. I stopped because it was expensive – probably because I sliced it really thickly and it didn’t last past the weekend. It was most certainly just as lacking in calories as the jam…..

  1. Ha! I’ll have to remember that the next time I make a sandwich!

    My doctor told me ‘no more cheese’ after my cholesterol levels shot up. He also told me to cut back on my alcohol intake, so no more second glasses of wine, at least on the weekdays. At this rate my life will be no fun, regardless of whether I live to be 100 or not.

    • Yeah I’m trying the low-fat, low-sodium cheeses but they really don’t taste much like cheese. I have 2 half-glasses of wine after work – half a glass when I walk in the door and half a glass with dinner. That way I feel like I’m having 2 glasses even if I’m not. All bets are off Friday & Saturday nights!

  2. I’ve been at the current blog for a year and a half-I change the look every so often though.

    Creamy/savory/tart/(delete as applicable) are one of my favorite combos.I just discovered I like truffles after turning my nose up at them for the longest time.They’re very good in mashed potatoes.

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