Getting back on track here is hard!


I should just invite you over for coffee and a big catch up…..     Coffeeand I could whinge about my fundamentally flawed feet.  It was just about this week in 2008 that I started a 5 month stint in a series of casts, crutches and extensive surgery on my left foot.   Now I have plantar fasciitis – in both heels!     Who thought it was so fantastic to walk everywhere?   As I type I have a “boot”  on my right foot …. and it’s only on my right foot because apparently you can’t wear  a pair of these boots    (“not a good idea” said my foot specialist).

By then it will be lunch time……     Lunch 2Lunchand I could tell you all about my recent month at home in Australia.  Mum turned 80 and we threw her a lovely party with more than 50 guests.   Jane did most of the work organizing that and I just swanned in at the last minute to enjoy myself.   Well, not quite….  I wore my bloody feet out traipsing around Sydney shops looking for placecards as mum had a seating plan.  If she’d told me that before I’d left here I’d have taken some with me as they seem to be a precious rarity in Australia!

My trip was round after round of morning teas, lunches and dinners with family and friends.   I must tell you more about it – I certainly have enough photo prompts as I took nearly 800 photos!!

And,  over something sweet ……       SweetsI will tell you how I’m going to be a grandmother for the first time in October!   My eldest son & his wife are expecting a boy and I’m busy trying to come up with a snazzy alternative to being called nan, nanna, gran, grandma etc…   in my mind those belong to another (earlier) generation.

Okay –  I’m back.



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  1. just a quick checkin – I wear my plantar boot at night. but i recently found a whooole lotta plantar fasciitis shoe inserts and am very happy with the result… even the cheapie ones i found at Walgreens. I don’t notice the inserts but my pain decreases within a day (and you can wear both at once)!!

    Do you happen to sleep on your stomach? That’s what makes mine act up – cause of the foot position caused by sleeping on my stomach.

    • My mother said the same thing about sleeping on the stomach but I’m a side sleeper. I have night splints for bed time (I call them my leg-irons) – I’ve been wearing them while I watch TV after dinner as they are too bloody uncomfortable to actually sleep in. I got some Strassburg Socks last week and they’re okay to sleep in though a bit hot. I have Dr Scholl PF inserts for the left shoe. Basically the only thing that stops it hurting at the moment is to roll my foot over a bottle of frozen water a few times a day. When it first “attacked” I couldn’t bear to have anything touching my heels – not even the sheet in bed. Now that some of the inflammation has gone down it’s not so painful to put socks and shoes on.

  2. Yay, you’re back! Missed seeing you and your wonderful photos!

    I haven’t decided on a moniker for my grandchild to use. A friend from Taiwan recently suggested “Gu-mah,” which is a colloquial term for one’s maternal grandmother: but that sounds like “G-Ma,” so maybe that’s as good a choice. Since my daughter and son-in-law haven’t even chosen a name for their son yet, I won’t rush into picking a name for myself. 🙂

    • Yes we’re going to have time even after the birth to come up with our monikers. My son and daughter in law have narrowed their name choices down to 5 (I really like 4 of them); now they’re going to wait to meet him before deciding which one of those he’ll be named.

  3. Congrats! That’s so exciting! A friend of mine us a rather young and hip grandmother (like you, I’m sure). She couldn’t stomach being called Granny or Gan Gan so she went with Spanish. Abuelita…Lita for short.

    I wandered around with plantar fasciitis for months and ended up with plantar fasciitis AND a heel spur. Ridiculous. Got the cortisone shot (ouch!) and wore ugly shoes for 8 months….but all better and I’m back in the crap shoes that put me there in the first place. I’m a girl. We don’t learn.

    Dinner was excellent, thank you. And I’ve never enjoyed a more beautiful and delicious cup of coffee!

    • Oooh, I like “Lita” and even better, I see Abuelita is a brand of chocolate and I’m a major chocoholic so that’s pretty appropriate 🙂

      X-rays showed no heel spurs so I’m hoping to avoid those. I’m a little reluctant to have cortisone shots as there’s some question as to whether those might’ve contributed to me needing surgery on my left foot (who knows for sure!). After that surgery I thought I’d never wear heels again ….. took a couple of years but I got there! – yep, I’m a girl too!

  4. Ugh. Foot pain is awful. We use our feet constantly!
    Congrats about being a grandma! My kids are definitely taking their time.
    Sounds like a really fun time back at home and the pics are great!

    • A few months ago (when my feet were working properly 🙂 ) I was walking to work thinking about family, calculating how old mum had been when I had my son, her first grandchild, and thinking that I was already 4 years older and no grandchild in sight. That night my son rang to tell me their baby news!

  5. Welcome back! I’ve been wondering about you. Jane hadn’t mentioned any family tragedies so I figured you were still among the living but I am really sorry to hear about your feet. Good lord, lady, you certainly have had your physical ailments over the years. Though you had a pretty good stretch till now, it seems. Congrats on grandmotherhood! Let’s see, mine was Nana, my mom decided she wanted to be Nanny, I know someone who was Goo-Ma, my BIL’s mom is Me-ma, other BIL’s mom is Gran since she’s in Ireland and that seems to be common over there….I’m sure you’ll figure it out! Good luck with your feet, I hope you are better soon, and also that we see more of you around these parts!

        • LOL @ becoming an annoyingly healthy eater. I’m open to “unsolicited” advice – out of those 12 foods I eat 8 regularly. I’ve read that about gluten before but still lunch today involved bread (which was delicious by the way) and it will tomorrow too as I have to finish the loaf now. I only have bread on the weekends and am not really a pasta eater. I cut “nightshades” out of my diet but I don’t think it made a big difference so I added tomato back in today.

  6. Congratulations on impending grandmotherhood! My sister calls herself Grammy (but I don’t like that much myself). One of my daughters got married in February and another is getting married in September so I might be facing being a grandmother in the near future.

    • Oh how wonderful about your daughters Maju – both in the same year! Hope you haven’t been affected by the storms we’ve had recently – all the rain, heat & humidity has led to a jungle of weeds in our little courtyard but no leaks or blackouts.

  7. Nice to see you’re back. I’m very sorry about your feet and I can imagine figuratively, as you went through the shops in Sydney. Wow 800 photos are almost a world record 😉 And the really great news: you’re going to Grandma in Okktober-hooray 🙂 ! I´m very happy your are back, I´ve missing you!

    • Thank you Kerstin. Yes 800 is a lot of photos but probably most of them are family and friends – I think I took more than 200 at my mother’s birthday party. I’m glad to see you are still enjoying geocaching.

  8. Yay, MJ’s back!

    Boo! MJ’s feetses!

    Bobby suffers over his feetses…he could tell you! Having wonky feet is complete BALLS. I can’t say that I’ve had ‘extensive’ surgeries but I’ve had a total of 6 foot surgeries (one, my foot was literally chopped in half by accident and they had to put Humpty Dumpty together again) and they ALL suck.

    You know those gimp-mobiles in big shops (grocery or costco?). Yeah. I’ll use ’em or never be able to shop. Of course, I’ve had a good run now, so I won’t complain!

    Feel better soon!

    • Ouch Lily! to having your foot chopped in half. I think one foot surgery is one too many. Those ride-on things are fun – the first one I used was in a Home Depot store and I spent a lot of time laughing at how bad a “driver” I was. Luckily for other shoppers those aisles are really wide!

      • I was surprised at how slowly they move. While I’ve seen people in them, I suppose they’re usually stopped. Probably for the BEST, they’re slow, but still.

  9. Poor you with the feet issues. If you lived in Sydney, I would recommend Abi Najjarine who is the king of podiatrists. I have foot issues following an ankle break about 15 years ago and Abi is my saviour.

    Congrats on the impending grandmotherhood!

    • The friends I have who are grandparents say the same thing about the joy and the running. Some have said I should just let the child decide what they want to call me but that seems a little risky to me…..

  10. Awwww!!!! It’s great to see you again!!!!
    Your poor FEEEEEETZ!!!!!! I’m so sorry!!!! (((((((gentlehugs)))))))
    Wooohoooo!!!! A grandchild! VERY cool!!!
    And your trip to Australia to see your Mom…that’s wonderful! Pix?

  11. Okay, I wasn’t sure it was really you when the reader said you’d posted … but the ‘injury update’ proves it. You really ARE Emjay!


    My mother was happy being called anything but “Granny.”

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