The continuing winter…

Jeez……..  nearly 10am this April morning and it was still only 34 Fahrenheit (1.11 Celsius).    I’m not complaining too loudly though as I hate summer and know I’ll be complaining every day then!

This is spring.png

I feel sorry for the thousands of tourists who’ve come to town to see the cherry blossoms.  The continuing cold has kept the buds tightly shrouded.  The experts have stopped giving their “peak bloom prediction”  but think the buds *might* open this weekend.

My desktop wallpaper is where I grew up.  Flat, Dry and Hot!   The sprawling metropolis in the background is a town about an hour’s drive from the farm.



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  1. It’s freezing and without end here too – just when we thought it would get warmer, we have Arctic winds and snow again! All the daffodils are still closed and the ground is boggy with all the extra water.

    Come on Spring!

    • There’s not a shooting bulb anywhere in my garden. We’ll probably go straight into summer so my daffodils and other bulbs will only last a couple of days. Last year I missed my daffodils flowering as we were so warm so early they popped up unexpectedly and I only noticed them when they’d died!

  2. Thats funny – we must all be thinking of home. Min had a photo of here on Instagram this morning, you have this and I was going to use one for the daily prompt.

  3. I was going to say we’re having a really mild spring, but then a cold front moved in and brought a downpour and night temperatures in the 40s today. I’m glad in that we need the rain: the state office which measures snowpack in the mountains and water levels in the rivers and reservoirs says we are at 50% of where we should be, and this summer we may have another drought. I am glad however I don’t have to wake up to ice on the sidewalks, nor put a coat on just to take the garbage out.

    Maybe the National Park Service needs to erect a little Shinto shrine under the cherry trees and make an offering of sake to the weather gods. Sometimes spring needs a little nudge. 🙂

  4. Our apple tree finally bloomed this week. The decorative trees planted around the city (non-fruiting) are all poofed out pink now. They always seem to bloom earlier than the actual fruit trees.

    But the sake sounds like a good idea anyway. 😉

  5. I always forget that you’re so close to the coast and warm up before we do (cos I think of you as farther north).

    Is now the time the cherry blossoms are usually well, blooming? I LOVE cherry blossoms and crabapple ones, too. Soooo pretty!

  6. Very strange indeed! Cherry blossoms bloomed almost 2weeks earlier than the average around Tokyo this year. They are now all gone and the trees are full of young leaves. The phenomenon is just opposite from last year between the two cities.
    Hope you will enjoy spring pretty soon!

  7. Where I’m from, spring is always delayed. Except for last year–we didn’t have winter. So there was nothing to delay spring. XD (It was an extremely abnormal year.) This year, it’s back to normal.

  8. Wow! Incredible shot there! Stunning view of a beautiful expanse!
    We were cold, too and then last week it shot up to 87 (I guess you guys got some of that heat too?) and a couple of days ago it was 40. Crazy.
    How are the cherry blossoms now?

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