I love Spring….


though when I get up on late March mornings it doesn’t normally look like this out my window:   059

Off to work I go in more snow than we got all winter………     That’s Gingermutt, our alley cat, leaving paw-prints in the snow.064



21 responses

  1. Oooooo…….so pretty!!!!
    ::waves to Gingermutt::
    We’ve had such an odd winter this year!
    It’s snowing here, too, and sticking.
    Maybe it’s the “onion snow.”

  2. Yeah…that’s what I was saying to Elvis this morning…what is this BS? March 25th and we are supposed to get more snow than we did all winter?! Every time it snowed though it was pretty and stuck to the trees and never accumulated much. And was usually on a Friday or Saturday.

  3. Cute alley cat.

    Not to get all techy but the polar vortex (like a spinning top that keeps cold air locked in the Arctic) was affected by the melting sea ice so the wind patterns and jet stream have shifted and it’s spilling cold air down into our region.

  4. And this is why my older daughter is now in San Diego, sitting on the balcony at her sister’s apartment. She said the winter-turning-into-spring in New York has been miserable, and being pregnant and feeling fatigued, she couldn’t stand it anymore.

    Like Homebody, I miss snow, but I am so happy not to have to deal with it in March. That walking over an icy sidewalk in the early mornings gets old fast.

  5. We had our biggest snow of the season this past weekend, too. I think we had a good 8 inches at our house, and they were estimating a foot in my mom’s neighborhood and at her church.

  6. I loved listening to the birds this morning – but a layer of snow and a dignified ginger cat leaving dignified paw prints would have made it perfect.

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