Sisters – January 1982


Yes – that really is an outhouse in the background of this photo of me & Cleo. There were holes in the walls where knots had fallen out of the timber.  I hated going out there in the middle of the night.   You had to turn the light on to make sure there were no spiders but that invited all the evil people from the hills to come down and peer through the holes  a la horror movie.


Behind Jane is the laundry where you had to race to wash your hands after going to the toilet.  More lights needed,  more chances for that evil boogieman to grab you.  God forbid one goes to a gruesome death with germy hands! Sisters 1


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  1. I spent some of my early years in a tiny house out in the country with no running water and only an outhouse for “relief.” I must say, however, the cow pasture behind our place certainly not as beautiful or as interesting as what appears behind your home!

    • This was a lovely property which my parents moved to when I left middle-of-nowhere town to go to university. I enjoyed visiting during uni holidays. Our cows were very confused when they arrived here to find hills and trees.

  2. My grandmother had an outhouse behind her old laundry and bathhouse. Having to use the toilet at night at her place was so scary, I used to hold it until I was ready to burst. So it was a real relief, in more ways than one, when she finally had an indoor bathroom with a flush toilet installed.

    Both you and Jane look so happy! I’m guessing you didn’t require indoor plumbing to enjoy your childhoods. 😀

    • OMG, yes. I remember when my grandparents finally got a flush toilet. It was such a luxury to be able to get up at night and pee. (Like HG, I always used to just hold it all night rather than face the spiders, coyotes, and crazed killers.)

  3. Great photos! Did you guys put the toilet seat atop the holes or just go old skool, holes cut out? My family had both. My G-Grandmother’s was a THREE seater: 2 adult and one child-height. Two-seaters were common but child-height was rare.

  4. WONDERFUL pix!!!! so warm and full of love!
    EEEEK!!!! Outhouse!!!
    Never used one but did see one “in action.” Frogs, bats, spiders, all manner of creepy-crawlies. At night!!!! GAH!!!!! (((((hugs))))))

  5. God, I look so healthy!! No wonder I’m showing signs of sun damage now.
    Funniest thing about that toilet was that it had that chair in there next to the toilet – as if someone might like to come along and sit with you or wait their turn.

  6. Doesn’t it look so quaint and lovely now ? But back then..shudder. I have had that experience too. At least you had a covered shack. Ours was open to the sky. I would stop drinking water after 5 to prevent having to go to the toilet after dark.

  7. Wow. An honest to goodness outhouse. I’ve only seen one camping, and like LG, I rationed myself so I wouldn’t actually have to use it. I think I ended up with a bladder infection, but I avoided the spiders and the creepy hill people.

  8. The thing with outhouses (for me anyway): I never need to get up at night to go to the bathroom. If there are conditions like an outhouse – I am sure as hell going to wake up and have to go…..

    I love that you guys have so many great family pictures. Given that my dad was and is again an avid photographer – the amount and the “quality” of the pictures are borderline embarrassing.

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