Who’s got my snow?


We had our first winter storm in 2 years today and I was actually quite looking forward to some snow.  This seemed like the ideal snow as it would fall today and melt tomorrow.  Alas,  I was to be somewhat disappointed.

After I’d recorded the usual  “office is open” message on the employee line I headed off to work in more drizzle than snow.   With the Federal and local Governments closed it was light on the train.   With all that choice I chose to sit in the middle of the car.  Looking backwards: IMG_0482Looking towards the front;  the driver sits behind the black glass door: IMG_0483

I don’t have a position where I can work from home, telecommute,  work remotely or any other term that means you don’t have to physically *be* in the office.    If I ever change jobs that’s going to be one of the things on my job search requirements; it would be rather nice to have “choice” when it comes to whether I wear my pyjamas to work or not.

There were 15 of us in the office –  I have no idea why 14 of them were there except perhaps it’s quieter than a snow-day house full of kids.   Our TV continuously crossed to images of snow piling up or slushy, messy roads but peering out our DC office windows we  saw fat juicy snowflakes falling only to melt on contact with the footpath & road.

The weatherman repeated that conditions were deteriorating and would be at their worst between noon and 3pm and spouses from Virginia were calling to give snow accumulation updates so people south of the DC border wanted to leave.   It was decided to close the office at noon.  I was out of there at noon-oh-one before management changed their mind.  There was a cold, wet gusty wind as I walked to the metro – the sort where you don’t bother with an umbrella as it only turns into a frustrating and comical situation.

When I got up to street level at my station there was still no sign of accumulation – just cold, sloppy snowflakes trapped in an intense wind:     Where’s the snow? IMG_0486

When I turned into our street I was pleased to see some on our front lawns – this is  “conversational snow”  – it looks pretty and causes no inconvenience – I wasn’t likely to fall over on the footpath:  (you can just see some fat snowflakes against our coloured houses):IMG_0487

This afternoon we’ve had howling blizzard-style winds with rain; no snow. Luckily I have friends only a few miles away across the river who can share their  photos otherwise I’d have to wonder if we really did have a “snow event” : VA

And this which just looks so pretty …  VA 2



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  1. **Faint** oh, I loved your photos! The snow has that candy-sugar kind of quality to it. Sigh.

    That empty train is eerie – we also had a totally screwed up forecast. I think the NWS had really low confidence with this storm. They kept saying that later and later in the week. I might call off my trip tonight but it’s disappointing.

    The howling wind – yes! Umbrellas are useless and an eyeball hazard, honestly. I don’t mind the slippery roads but when sick and dying trees are swaying wildly I don’t enjoy being in my little silver car.

    • It’s really weird to be the only one in a train carriage! It just goes to show how much of this city is “government” . I hate being out in strong winds – I always worry about a street sign flying through the air and decapitating me. LOL – I really do!

      • It’s so funny you would say that! I am always watching when the Weather Channel guys/gals are out in a hurricane because I just KNOW that one of these days a sign is going to decapitate one of them. I can picture it every time! Keep your head down, Emjay!!!

  2. You were disappointed you didn’t get more snow? You remind me of my children, who would pray we would be buried in snow so school would be canceled that day, lol.

    It is nice to stay at home and snuggle under blankets and watch a movie or read a book, provided the power doesn’t go out. But I think I lived in Minnesota too long to get wistful about snow. It is beautiful, but I also think about driving through a blizzard to get home and slipping into a ditch or another car, or the time we lost power for three days and everything in the refrigerator went bad. (No, keeping the milk outdoors didn’t help: it froze into a block of ice, lol.) It’s fine if you don’t have to leave home, but for those days where it’s critical to be someplace—no, I don’t miss snow.

    • I only really wanted the snow because I knew it would only last one day – it’s going to be in the 40’s tomorrow. If this was the middle of winter I’d be thinking differently (say no to snow!) because it would more likely get into that thaw & refreeze/black ice cycle. The temperature in the city was 35 today so it really didn’t have much hope of sticking.

      I would hate living in Minnesota! LOL re the milk – I hear people say they will put their refrigerated things outside if the power goes out.

      • We saved the contents of our freezer twice during snowstorms (two or three years ago) by burying them under the snow. (We weren’t so lucky during the derecho power outage last year though.)

        I agree that yesterday was pretty disappointing.

        • Maju – I thought I might be burying our stuff in the snow in that bad winter but we were lucky and kept power. Yep no snow with the derecho – must’ve been awful without a/c. You must get very frustrated with the power company – we’ve only lost power in one storm.

  3. I’m sure our son in Canada would be pleased to send you some snow, Emjay. His main complaint about living on the prairies is being forced to live inside for five months of the year.

  4. The pictures are so pretty!!
    We didn’t get a single flake from this latest storm, but my sister (near Chicago) got at least 10 inches. I was jealous! 🙂

  5. “Conversational snow” I love that! Your pictures make my fingers hurt with imagined cold. Brrrr… I won’t tell you what I wore to work today 😉

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