Socks, socks, socks…

Recently the company I work for had a sock drive for less fortunate children at an elementary school not far from where I live.  I was at the assembly where we gave them out last week.
There are 438 children in the Grades 1-6  school.  Our collection goal was 1,500 pairs of socks so we were really pleased to have a final number of 2,214 pairs.
Along with the socks we also gave out rubber wristbands printed with inspirational words and 4 top achievers (incidentally all girls)  were presented with framed certificates and educational gifts including  kindles (they can borrow downloaded books via the library)
438 bags & wristbands ready to go:  ready for the kids
Only the 1st-3rd Grades attended the assembly as the Headmistress thought it would be too chaotic to include the entire school.   The bags for the other kids would be distributed later by teachers and the social worker.
Two company engineers (one female; one male) spoke to the children on the importance of studying hard and staying in school and then the presentations began.
My job was to make sure the kids only took one band each as there were not many spares….   Wristbands
And you can see how well I was doing……  (hey, little boys can be scary when they’re determined)  Under control
I wish I could share photos of the expressions on their faces as the kids ummed over the choice in wristbands and peered into their bags at their new socks (and started swapping), or of the little musical number they performed (so cute),  but it would not be appropriate to plaster their faces over the internet.   Just know that their excitement over something as simple as some new socks  was the sort of thing that brings tears to your eyes.

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  1. That is so cool, Emjay! I think most people donate clothes galore but new socks are not something most of us consider. I go through about a zillion per day. And yes, good judgement to skip photos. I can picture their faces by how you describe it! 😉

  2. Truly awesome! I’m so glad the kids were excited. I’m going to share a little known super secret tidbit: the teachers are excited, too! There is nothing like being stuck in a classroom full of sockless sweaty feet. Or worse, those who have one pair they wear day in and day out, without washing. Ever. Those are crisp little beauties, I can tell you! Good job! Something those kids will remember and be grateful for.

    • LOL Katie! I’d never make it through a day of teaching (for so many reasons!). I have a friend who tells the story of telling a little girl that she could not come to school without shoes. The next day the girl was absent so my friend asked the sister where the girl was ; she answered “Well, you said she couldn’t come to school without shoes. We only have one pair of shoes and it’s my turn to wear them this week”…..

  3. What a great idea! I sometimes come upon packages of children’s socks being sold for a very reasonable price. It hasn’t occurred to me that some charity might be able to use them. I should call around and find out if one of the schools or even the homeless shelter can use them.

    Little boys—meh. There are times where I wish I could use a stick on their cocky little heads.

    • LOL – I think you’d get in big trouble for using a stick on their heads. 🙂 As this sock drive is something we do every year I should start grabbing a packet whenever I’m in the supermarket throughout the year.

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