Beauty while you sleep?


Now, we all know that warnings are put on items because no matter how ridiculous some of them sound, someone has hurt themselves doing something most people would never even imagine doing.

But seriously who would’ve tried drying their hair while sleeping??             Number 6 on the Safety Instructions of my new hairdryer says “Never use while sleeping”.

Yes, yes someone probably used their hair dryer as an electric blanket or heater (seriously?  See what I mean about something we wouldn’t imagine doing!?!)   but it’s funnier to imagine some sleeping woman working on her bouffant.

Safety Instructions


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  1. LOL! Never underestimate the stupidity/insanity of some people. My father-in-law, who was an alcoholic, used to perch an electric radio on the edge of his bathtub so he could listen to it while taking a bath. Yes, the radio was plugged into a live outlet. When my husband and I saw this, we both thought that this was an accident in the making and tried to persuade “Dad” to replace the plug-in radio with a battery-operated one. (We were told by the appliance salesman that he might still get a shock, but a much milder one than if the plug-in one fell into the tub.) He complained however that the reception on the new one we’d bought wasn’t as good as the old one.

    He died of liver cancer, in case you were wondering. My mother used to say that sometimes dumb luck protects the dumb.

  2. Do you recall those balloon kind that fit over your head and puffed up as they dried? I never used those–only the hardshell versions. I thought they were hysterical. You could nap with one of those on but I wouldn’t recommend it! I think those kind always have an egg-time built in, too.

    • LOL – like those portable ones – I think that puffed up bit was called a bonnet. They were hysterical. A timer’s probably a good idea if one intends to use a dryer while sleeping… and an automatic shutoff in the event that you roll onto it.

  3. Lol – my hair is getting really curly and crazy at the back and Mum doesn’t believe that its happening naturally – she said to me – someone must be curling it while you’re asleep, I said – I hope not because that would be really weird.

  4. Oh, wow.
    Things didn’t used to need 17 specific warnings. Society’s litigious approach to liability made that happen. But people have always made stoopid choices.
    When I was a freshman I had a roommate who used to put one of those bonnet hair dryers on her head (her hair was in giant curlers) and then get into bed, head propped on a book, while she studied. She always fell asleep, then got mad at me for waking her up so she wouldn’t set fire to the dorm.

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