Jane’s turn…..


That little girl we found on the beach has a birthday today!

This is 1966, a year after we apparently found her –  a little waif on a rockJane 1966

We’d accepted her into the clan:  (I’m on the right  – I don’t hold hands!) Jane 1966 2

Cleaned up, she looked so cute & pretty when displayed in the garden:   Jane 1966 1

Being a bit of a stray herself she was attracted to wandering, abandoned dogs and started bringing them home – something she still does.  This was taken in 1981 though she brought Cleo home a year or two before that.   Jane 1982

And, this is Jane 2013 style – chilling with Chicken Little: celebrating with chicken little

I hope she’s got a cocktail hour or two planned for today.

Happy Birthday little sister!



10 responses

  1. Did you feed me!! Look at my skinny little legs in that white dress, how cute was I. Can you send me that one – and how many seasons wear did I get out of that top swimsuit I wonder.
    Big day planned – lunch at 12, drinks at 3, dinner at 7.

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