Econo-boy passes the quarter century …

This day 26 years  ago, my second son, the Economist was born.   He was 7lbs 15oz and had masses & masses of dark hair.   I don’t remember how long he was but he grew from this little thing to  6′ 3″ . Feb 1987
He was the perfect baby;   placid, plump and willing to just go along for the ride with big brother:
As a toddler he was quite happy to just sit.   I’d plonk him down on the couch while I went off to see what the Locksmith was up to and I’d come back to find him in exactly the same spot.  E-boy
I could take him anywhere as he’d never grizzle, whine or cry. He would sit in his pram and just gaze around at the world.  Analyzing, interpreting, figuring things out.   If he got sick of a situation he’d just go to sleep!
Little did I know then that years later his antics would drive this mother deeper into the depths of the wine bottle with a series of “misfortunes”   (the yacht misadventure; etc)
Though perhaps the fact that he celebrated his 5th birthday with a broken collarbone should’ve prepared me: e-boy 5
He was a bright middle child with an inquisitive mind who grew more energetic as the years went on – promptly excelling at running, soccer and basically anything athletic he tries.   When he finished university & entered the workforce he added travelling the world to his activities and he doesn’t look like slowing down to save his mother from full blown alcoholism!    Happy Birthday young man!
  birthday boy

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  1. A handsome boy, Emjay! And I’m glad he’s lived to 25. Let’s hope he enjoys many more birthdays without enduring any more accidents. I suspect your liver won’t stand another one. 😉

    I think in every family there’s one child that’s more accident-prone than others. My older daughter broke an arm and dislocated an elbow, but that was small potatoes compared to my son, who went to the ER so frequently the nurses began to wonder if I was abusing him. Split lips, dislocated joints, bruises on every part of his body—and it hasn’t stopped. He seems destined to take a fall at least once every season.

    I have a nice duodenal ulcer, no thanks to that boy.

    • Thank you Lauri. He’s a really good son – and he’s the only one of the 3 with a real wanderlust which is neat because I was the one amongst my siblings who couldn’t wait to get out and explore the world as soon as I left school (though they’ve traveled a bit since getting older).

  2. Awwww, happy birthday Econo Boy! I enjoyed watching you grow up over the course of the last couple minutes while reading this. I had a bunch of black hair when I was born too but not quite that much, plus he didn’t look like a sausage with hair like I did.

    • LOLOLOL cranky – I’m sure you didn’t really look like a sausage with hair!

      I was thinking the other day that we’ve watched each others kids (& pets) growing up from Vox days – quite a few years now.

    • I did FD; I think I did. That rocking horse was made by a guy selling from a shed on the side of the road going over the Blue Mountains. I’d been out to middle-of-nowhere town with the Locksmith to visit my grandmother. I stopped because they had lovely wooden toys on the side of the road and that was the one toddler-Locksmith chose. When I went to pay for the horse my credit card was declined (something to do with the ex-husband!) and I had no other means of payment but the very kind man suggested I take it and send him a cheque. He said I had an “honest face”. I did send the cheque and I’ve always been incredibly touched by his gesture. Sadly the horse has gone now.

  3. It is fantastic that he is living his life to the fullest, even if it means you are hitting the bottle.
    I would recommend that you stock up your cellar and let the boy have his fill of life. After all, he is only quarter of a century old. He has another three quarters left, at least. Happy Birthday to him.

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