I’m not in this family photo because I took it: 1965

And then I wrote on the back .1965 back

It  sounds like Jane is not related.  Perhaps we just found her…   This would’ve been in January, which is summer in Australia, though you might not think so given that half their clothing is winter woolies!   It would take us 10 hours to drive from the farm to Sydney for our summer holidays and we went to the beach no matter what the weather.



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  1. The beaches around San Francisco can be freezing in the summer, so it doesn’t surprise me when I see people walking around in wool and sweatshirts on the beach in August.

    “Jane the little girl”—LOL! For at least a year my daughters used to refer to their brother as The Baby. Never by his name or as brother, but like, “Mom, The Baby fell off the couch again!” “The Baby just ate a spider!” “The Baby took a poop out of his diaper!” It was as if their brother was an animal we’d brought home as a pet.

    • LOL that’s funny about your daughters referring to their brother as The Baby & I *love* your examples – I can just imagine those scenarios. My sons did that when I had their little sister as she didn’t have a name for 2 weeks but I think even after she had a name they more often referred to her as “it” .

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