Wrong Wife…


The phone rings, the answering machine clicks on and I hear a man’s voice:

“Hello bunny (perhaps honey?), I’m heading to New York now.  Just leaving New Haven”.

I picked up & said:  “hello,  I think you’re leaving a message for the wrong wife”.

There was laughter as I mentioned that my manservant was traveling from San Jose today & we imagined him leaving a message for this guy’s wife.

It was a strange little mix-up. 

Later I thought how lucky it was that I was home to pick up the phone – wouldn’t it be awful if something happened to that man and his last message was left with a stranger.  Though I’d never know if something happened to a stranger leaving a message at a random number,  his wife might always wonder why he hadn’t called on his way home.



8 responses

  1. It was sweet of you to pick up and let the man know he’d called the wrong number. I probably would have let it go, not really thinking about it being a message for a loved one who’d worry about him.

    Just before Christmas, someone text messaged me, “You’d better be ready, they’re here now.” I almost shot out of my chair in shock. Who was here? Was this a threat? I didn’t recognize the number: it was an out of state area code. I had received calls from people who were surprised that I wasn’t “Jackie,” the previous owner of my wireless number, so I expected the message was for her. Still, I had to run to the front window to make sure there was nobody approaching the door.

  2. Cool that you both had a laugh about it. I tend to make this mix-ups light, or reply to wrongly delivered text in a humorous way. But so many people seem to find it hard to see the funny side of it, and either grumble or hang up.

  3. That’s lovely, ‘the wrong wife!’

    Since all the women in my family refer to one another as ‘sister’ (and brother calls me sister AND he girls!), we have a lot of, ‘not YOU sister…SISTER’ (with a nod in the right direction).

  4. OH Wow! Reminds me of a day when I first got my texting phone. I was busily texting my work mate, and I was getting responses. But all of a sudden the person started giving responses that made no sense…and I finally texted back, “You aren’t Brooke are you” It made our whole day at work!

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