The project workspace..


This is what my dining room table currently looks like as my photo-scanning project continues.     IMG_0261a

I’m pretty sure the manservant’s grandparents never envisioned such electronic gadgetry one day gracing the top of their table.

I’ve completed the albums for 1984 and 1985  –  those albums are not in the photo above as I dismantled them as I went, and had no inclination to retrieve them from the rubbish pile outside and stage them on the table, just for the sake of a photo.

It took 4 long basically uninterrupted days to do that – which was easy because the office was closed Saturday-Tuesday for the New Year and the manservant was in Hawaii.

Since then I’ve only done 19 photos – last Sunday.  It would’ve been more but my scanner  went all union  about overtime.   I could bring the image up on my computer screen but when I clicked “OK Scan”  it would tell me it was disconnected (in some loopy italic font which just screamed “I’m laughing at your frustration”! )   I’d turn it off or change to the other USB port and it’d do one photo and then do its “stand down” thing again.    I hate it when things go flaky just because.

It’s a Canon Pixma combined scanner/printer which I got in 2011 –  it’s done quite a bit of printing but up until I started *the project*   not a lot of scanning.   Even during those 4 intensive days I only did 603  photos.   Is the maximum number of scans this low?    I hope not;   I’ve got a hell of a lot more photo-years to do yet!

Even when (if?)  it gets back into the swing of being an efficient & proficient scanner it is going to be a long time before we get to eat dinner at the table.   Once I’ve finished all that you see there (and the 25kg/55lb  box under the table also contains albums), there are more albums around the house as well as photo boxes.

I was planning to spend time this weekend scanning but the weather forecast is for temps in the 60’s and that sounds way too nice to be inside fighting a temperamental scanner.



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  1. In the four years since I’ve had my computer (which looks a lot like yours), the only problems I’ve ever had with it have been related to scanning. My computer and my scanner just don’t get along very well.

    I’ve had the same unfinished jigsaw puzzle on my dining room table for a year and a half. I mostly eat my meals sitting on the stairs.

    • It’s so frustrating – all the other electronics play nicely together. I once had a photo collage I was doing on the table for a year – I was using “real” photos and kept changing my mind about where I wanted things before finally sticking them down permanently.

  2. My HP All-in-One printer-scanner-copier works when my daughters use it, mainly because they are both Photoshop wonks who have done professional scanning in the past. When I use it, it throws a tantrum and refuses to scan, even when I try using the same Photoshop software.

    It did work once, when I was screaming at it and threatening to chuck it in the garbage cart. I think it knew it had pushed me to the limit.

  3. Great idea Emjay, we too have loads of family photos going back over a century in some cases. They really ought to be scanned for posterity too.

    I had a Canon Pixma and it was also a pile of poo, especially with respects to scanning, I even tried emptying its cache but that didn’t work. I now have Kodak printer which performs the same functions without complaining and the consumables cost far less too, which is always a bonus.

    • I downloaded the drivers and reinstalled the thing over the weekend and it seems to be working better – well, not quite as temperamentally as it was.
      Those 100+ year photos must be sooo interesting Clare!

  4. And when they work, and you move the file to a different computer – the other computer tells you something is wrong.
    That’s why I try to make myself not too dependent on computer/technology. As practical as these all in one solutions are …. they always eff with you one way or the other. *sigh*
    Good luck with coercing the printer/scanner into working again and I totally agree – 60F are suppose to be spend outside if you can.

    • Oh yes, that is so true about components not working when you change computers! And *so* annoying. And, the weatherman lied about Sunday – it was wet & miserable so I got to fight with the scanner afterall.

  5. I bought a special slide scanner to ‘rescue’ all my old photographs. You wouldn’t believe how many times I almost killed that scanner when it misbehaved. Bad language and placing a hammer beside the scanner seemed to make it work better. Eventually.

  6. Your scanner appears to be related to my USB modem. I have internet for hours at a time then, out of the blue, “no device found” for so long that I throw said device across the house and close up shop.

    Great project. But I won’t be following your example.

    • Aren’t they great. I think that’s probably the original upholstery on the chairs – it’s worn really well. The wood needs re-varnishing especially the arms – that’s a project for another year.

  7. I believe in the concept of positive printer karma and negative printer karma, and when it goes negative it is best to take tea and enjoy the sunshine until the pendulum swings back! I hope you are saving your photos to more than one place, and maybe the cloud for the family to share?

    • Ooh – good idea FD. I had not thought of a cloud – my intention had been to copy them onto a few hard drives for the kids. But now I will look into clouds. An image has just popped into my head of my children not wanting to pay the storage cost after I’ve gone…… I guess I’ll be looking for free cloud storage.

  8. Habibi has realized that the printer is actively evil.
    Sadly, much as she loves us, she knows that we are too fond and foolish to recognize the threat.
    So it is up to her to slay the monster.
    She will hear the printer from rooms away, and come galloping to attack.
    She will break through any barrier you try to raise up around it.
    If you pick her up to carry her away, she will struggle to return to the fight.
    It makes printing things very difficult.
    But she is such a hero.

  9. What a project! I’ve a good number of film negatives I need to get scanned covering a variety of subjects. I’m leaning towards a professional service because, even if I offset the service cost and purchased a professional-grade film scanner, the project would consume so much time. Still thinkin’ about it though; you are obviously a woman of action! — JG

  10. It took me a long time to actually get into any form of action – I shipped these photos from Australia 3 years ago and every time I thought about the project I’d feel overwhelmed. Now that I’ve started I’m annoyed at interruptions.

    I’m really enjoying reliving events/memories as I go through the photos which is something I’d miss if I sent them out to be scanned I think. Also, I’m writing notes on the back of each photo as I scan and then sorting them into archive type boxes. If I sent them out to be scanned I’d probably never get around to doing this second step. Oh, and, I’m changing the dpi as I go according to the quality/importance of the photo too.
    If I had slides or negatives I’d certainly consider sending them out to be done – they look fiddly to do oneself.

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