It’s in the angle…


Scanning my photos is giving me some laughs and some tears.    This pair gave me a laugh; taken at the Indonesian Embassy in Canberra (Australia) in March 1984,   I’ve taken a nice long & lean shot of my then-husband:

Canberra Weekend 16-18 March 1984 Indonesian Embassy  1

But when it was time for me to be recorded for posterity …….    he took a straight-on-upwards- frumpy shot!    Canberra Weekend 16-18 March 1984 Indonesian Embassy

That dress was sort of hideous but at the time I really liked it – actually I  liked it so much I was still wearing it in 1986!    It was not a very flattering dress as it had a dropped waist and huge stick-out pockets on the hips but it was cotton and being “floaty”  it was cool in the hot summers.

And, flat shoes, whilst great for all-day walking,  don’t do much for one’s legs.



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  1. I remember when that style of dress was popular over the summer months. Mine was this black and white Hawaiian print: it was very comfortable when the weather got muggy, but when I saw myself wearing that dress in photographs, I looked like a child’s paper doll—a rectangle with a head, arms, and legs stuck to it. It didn’t help that I went to this awful hairdresser who gave me a rice-bowl haircut, so my head looked like a ping-pong ball stuck over the rectangle.

    Also, my husband couldn’t take a nice photo of me, ever. I sometimes want to burn all of the pictures he took of me from the 80s, they’re so bad.

    • LOL HG re the rectangle with head, arms & legs stuck to it. It’s funny how this dress didn’t seem to look so bad in the mirror..
      I don’t like many photos of myself but I’m learning to laugh at them instead of destroying them – though I will admit that so far there have been a few that did not make it into the scanned file…

      It would be a shame if the kids, grandchildren & great-grands didn’t have any photos of us to look at in the future.

  2. Ugh! I think we all have had dresses that we thought looked exceptionally well on us – until we saw ourselves in a picture… I remember that short little thing, not the longest well defined legs looked good in it. Especially not if you have a tendency to stand like John Wayne.

    • So true Irony! It’s amazing that what we see in a mirror can look so different to what a camera captures. Some of the stuff I wore in the late 60’s and early 70’s was “questionable” – you know the things that make your parents say “you’re not leaving the house looking like that” …. 🙂

  3. Erm, before I got to the part where you complained about the hideous dress, I’d already thought, ‘God! I wonder if she still has that? It’s GREAT!’ Again, I’m weird, I guess. I think it’s SUPER CUTE.

    I can’t help clunky shoes now with all the foot issues but I LOVED heels when I could wear them (they’d get up to the high end of petite) 😀

    You’ve a better eye for photos than hubs, I’m a-thinkin’.

    • I thought the dress was cute too until I saw how shapeless it looked in photos as I was scanning them. But I obviously didn’t feel the same when I stuck the photos in my albums in the 80’s which is weird.

      I remember wearing high chunky platform shoes in the 70’s; Most of the 80’s I seemed to be either pregnant or running after toddlers so flats were my shoes of choice. High heels were for “best” wear. My highest heels now are only a couple of inches – and those are in my desk drawer at work – I wear joggers to work and change when I get there.

  4. Actually I really like that photo. The pastels in the dress go nicely with the colors of the stairway and it looks like you’re genuinely enjoying the experience. Love that smile.

    Those Embassy statues are to die for. What a cool structure! I hope we can soon travel and have some neat memories like this.

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