Bring on 2013….


2012 was a bitch of a year.  She first trapped me in a web of depression following my father’s death in January.   Spider web -  Jan 1984 2 e2

Then,  as the veil of grief drew away, she chained me in illness that hovered far too long. Spider web - Jan 1984 1 e


Then, that was that,  the year was done;  I’d had little fun.

So, as 2012 ends I am relieved.   I am optimistic that 2013 will be a far better, happier, healthier year.

I wish the same for all of you –    Happy New Year!

The huge spider web was strung on the verandah posts of my parent’s house  – 1984.   It was a lovely sunny spot in the mornings.    The photo of the web spun around the chain was also  taken at my parent’s house in 1984.



16 responses

  1. Beautiful photo captures…

    Of course I can’t do anything but commiserate. I wish you healthy and happy times this year and in future.

    As crap as this year was for me, it was better than last. Odd, that. Depressing in its own right. I prefer to be thankful for only losing control of the big rig once today in the ice/ snow storm! That’s about as far as I want my mind to travel and now I’m snug at home! Hope you are, too!

  2. Happy New Year – as the old turned to the new, I hope we both were successful in slapping 2012 silly as we booted it on its way to oblivion.

  3. Absolutely love those photos. At least you found a way to capture beauty amongst the anguish. So sorry you had a crappy year. 2011 was like that for me, I look back on it with distain but the more distance I get from it, the less it torments me. Here’s hoping 2013 is a much better year with lots of hope, good wine and cookies. 😉

    (We’re also hoping to do some travelling in your region. Hope I can buy you a coffee some time).

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