Now I can see you ….. sort of…..


When I went to the Ophthalmologist 2 years ago he said my distance vision was “borderline”.   When I went 2 weeks ago he said I was now on the negative side of borderline….      My reading ‘script though had not changed.

 I took a friend with me to look at frames.  The first ones I picked were gorgeous,  They were also $750.     After looking at a few that varied plus/minus $100 of my initial starting point I asked the guy  “where are the cheap ones?”

Of course the “cheap”  ones are not kept in the display cases;  they’re in the drawers underneath and displayed without flair.     My friend warned  “ooh, once you’ve seen an expensive one you like you’re not going to like any cheap ones”…

I tried on a few cheapies, narrowed it down to two and took a week deciding what I wanted in the lens.  Single vision (distance) would be the cheapest option but would mean I’d have to cart my reading glasses around.  Bi/tri focal is the next cheapest but I don’t like those lines.  So, I decided on progressives and went with the bigger of the two frames.

I picked them up last night  –  wow what a difference!    I didn’t realize how much I couldn’t see until I could see it!

They work really well walking around and the reading section is easy to find and use,  but, and it’s a big but, they don’t work well with a computer screen.    I can’t see a bloody thing!   The entire screen is blurry.  If I sit close and peer down from the top of the screen I can see through the reading section but I can’t sit at my desk like that!

I  just can’t seem to find the sweet spot for intermediate vision  – perhaps they didn’t do the lens properly.   I’ll ring the place on Monday.

Here they are in their titanium and Trivex glory:     


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  1. OOoo, those are fun! I love the colors!
    I am fortunate…I had Lasik surgery so my distance vision is 20/20, but I do have to use reading glasses. No complaints about that!

    • A few of my friends have had successful Lasik and like you, just need reading glasses or cheap readers. I’m a wuss concerning anything coming towards my eyes – makes Lasik seem very scary to me.

  2. Nah – thats just the way they are with the computer, I got another pair for $39 and had just the reading script put in and use them for computer and lying in bed reading.

    • Oh well that’s annoying! I was looking forward to having one pair do everything (without being super large). As my reading script didn’t change I can just keep using the reading glasses I have.

  3. Seem like many people struggle with glasses not doing everything. Somehow they always cut short. Totally understand you about the
    Laisix- I would die lying in a chair knowing they cut of that top layer (can’t remember what it is called right now ….) and then the laser…*shudder* Hope you’ll get them sorted. Nothing worse than not seeing properly.

    • Yeah I’ve heard a hundred successful Lasik stories but then a guy at work had it done and got an infection in one eye which led to near blindness and that’s the one story that is forefront in my mind. No lasers for me…

  4. The Mr. has progressives, and a different set of single vision set for the computer distance. I make do switching back and forth with the bifocals (progressives give me headaches). My local store has a deal where you can get an extra pair of single-vision free, and those are my back-up/movie-watching glasses.

    I am not about to let someone shoot lasers at my eyes.

    • Yeah it seems that everyone I spoke to at work today has “computer” glasses – either specific computer distance glasses or they make do with their reading glasses. I can see how progressives would give people headaches – they make me feel a bit giddy.

      Shooting lasers at eyes is a scary thing.

      • Eventually I’ll have a cataract that needs to be removed, and there will be lasers in my eyeballs then. But not for vanity simply so I don’t have to wear glasses.

        The progressives gave me such terrible headaches that I went back to the old weak prescription until I could get bifocals. It always takes me a while to get used to the new ones, but looking through the wrong half is better than getting vertigo every time I turn my head.

        I have my laptop at such a distance that the reading part works. Mr. LT doesn’t have that option with the desktop in his office, of course, so he has the different pair.

        I can read without glasses if I have the material at the right distance, so I do that in bed. I’m glad ebooks exist; I increase the font size. Plus, if you fall asleep with them, they don’t leave dents in you like book corners do, even paperbacks.
        (I have a friend who couldn’t read Harry Potter in bed. He’d fall asleep and then have dreams of being suffocated b/c the heavy book would be on his chest!)

        • LOL re falling asleep with ebooks vs. real books and Harry Potter! I think I’d have to have the font so large on my Kindle to read without glasses that I’d only have 3 lines per page.

          A couple of times today I moved my eyes about and made myself quite dizzy. I have to get the hang of moving my head to see.

          I hope it’s a long time until you need anything done for a cataract.

          • The doctor says the cataract is growing very slowly. Hasn’t affected my vision yet. I wear sunglasses all the time, but didn’t when I was a kid. So probably the damage was done years ago before we knew better and stayed outside all day in the summer.

            Cataract surgery is apparently a snap nowadays, so maybe they’ll have some sort of Star Trek instant transporter device by the time mine gets fixed.

  5. I wear bifocals but have a separate pair of computer glasses. I can also see a computer screen through the reading section of my bifocals but as I have to tilt my head back it’s not comfortable for long periods of time.

    I love your frames!

    • Thank you Maju – they are pretty colours. I contacted the eye place today and told them that exact thing ~ I can see if I tilt my head back but that’s not comfortable (certainly not for 8 hours).

  6. I hate it when optical shops hide the cheaper frames and display only the high-end designer ones. I thought my frames at $180 was bad enough, but it was my customized lenses for my astigmatism and extreme nearsightedness that pushed the price to almost $700. But good vision really is priceless. I really appreciate the optical lab that made mine, because they did a great job compared to my Sears “discount specials.”

    I really like your frames. Color is nice too, when so many frames are either black or fake tortoiseshell.

    • Once I had some reading glasses made by Hour Eyes; they took a week to come the first time and weren’t right so had to go back. The place then had another 2 goes at getting them right! That’s why I went to a small place this time and the guy seems really good – today he told me he’ll make the reading area bigger if I take them back to see if that helps or he’ll swap the lens out for single vision – no charge.

  7. I avoided bifocals like the plague … until I tried the progressive lenses. The lines drove me crazy, adjusting the tilt of my head not so much. BUT – I can not longer sit back in my recliner and watch television, since by doing so I am looking at the screen through the ‘reader’ part. I actually have to sit up straight! The Horror!

    • This is when you need the single-vision ones for just distance, in the cheapest frames there are. Then you can lean back and watch TV to your heart’s content.

      Not that I’d know about this, of course. Ahem.

    • LOL GOM! I can see that to wear progressives successfully one has to keep their neck flexible! All that head moving just to see something in focus – very different to just moving the eyeballs around.

  8. SO glad you can SEE again! Awesome! and well….I hope the computer screen thing gets fixed soon, sounds like a common issue. i hope my distance vision never goes…since I am already blind as a bat close up. Nice frames!

  9. It takes time to get used to the various areas of the lens. My latest pair are fantastic, but the previous ones were irritating for not having a clear computer reading area, so to speak. Just be careful walking down stairs, they can cause you to misstep until you get used to them. I have transitions that tint with the sunlight – trying to avoid cataracts on my one poor eye!

    • I’m being super cautious on the stairs and metro escalators, making sure I have my chin just about on my chest to ensure I’m looking through the correct area. I did get a fright stepping onto the escalator when I thought I was looking through the correct bit but the movement of the escalator happened in the wrong section and I had a moment where I had no idea where my foot was going to land.

      Yes transitions or prescription sunglasses will be my next purchase but as it’s winter here and I don’t see the sun until autumn I have a few months to save up

  10. Glad that you sort of got it sorted Emjay. Phil has varifocals (I guess that’s the same as ‘progressives’) and it took them a couple of goes to get them to a level where he was happy and able to see everything properly, so do make sure that you badger them to get it how you want… you ARE paying for them after all!

    My turn next – was told at my last eye test that i will need varifocals next time 😦

    • Varifocals – what a great name! I contacted the place today and Dan seemed very eager to help me get them right so I’m happy about that – I’ll get back there in the next couple of days. The Ophthalmologist had mentioned on a few of my visits that I was “borderline” before it got to the negative side so hopefully your sight doesn’t decline by the next visit.

  11. I’d look pretty good in those glasses Emjay. Couldn’t see anything but.
    I tried bifocals for a week and threw them in the bin after tripping over things and bumping into farm implements. Now I just have one pair for distance work and a another specifically for the computer. $100 each with frames ‘from the drawer’.
    I’d still look snazzy in your glasses but. 🙂

    (I’m starting a movement to bring back the Queensland linguistic tradition of ending sentences in ‘but’)

    • Yeah, but. I like the upward inflection making every sentence a question but.
      I’m trying to avoid having to wear one pair and carry another pair – we’ll see how long this lasts – probably not long considering I’m already talking about getting “computer glasses”….

  12. Those are beauties – color and style melding into one slick look.
    I wear bi-focals now – in time I got used to the lens-division-of-shame. My glasses are crucial, save for the uncomfortably clear view they give you of, say, one’s filthy kitchen or one’s face the first thing in the morning. Some clarity I can do without.

  13. I think those are so cute! I didn’t get the cheapest frames this time but sort of the next up. I didn’t know they had hidden frames, though! My RX went ‘up’ dramatically. I’m not a ‘progressives’ lens person (bifocals) and as always with my ‘coke bottle’ RX and then the high index (thinning lens), mine came out over $700. Painful as like most, I don’t have vision insurance!

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