Little bits from last week..


As part of the preparation for Sandy I’d frozen water in old soda bottles.  In the  event of a black out  these make great ice bricks.

At one stage I noticed the manservant delving into the deep freeze…

What are you doing?

M/S:  checking that the bottles haven’t burst.

Mj:  why are you checking the bottles haven’t burst?

M/S:  (stumbling a little ..) um because.. well because water expands when frozen.

Mj:  So?   What made you think you’d better check bottles *I* filled and froze?

He might be the Physicist in the family but my common sense is not too shabby.


During a particularly heavy rain period last Monday afternoon the door bell rang.    I opened up to find the mailman standing there with a pile of sodden catalogs and a very cranky expression.

“Your mailbox is too small.   You should leave it unlocked!”

Being a mailman as Sandy blew through must’ve really sucked so it was nice of him to knock on the door rather than just leaving them on the doormat.  So, I forgave his surly expression and terse voice, thanked him sweetly and said I’d consider his suggestion  – which I did for all of 2 seconds.  In this neighborhood I’m not likely to give open access to my mail.    I was pretty impressed that mailmen were still walking their rounds while most of us were warm & dry inside, filling water bottles and boiling eggs.



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  1. Your mail carrier was certainly more dedicated than my daughter’s in Manhattan. The last time she received mail, it was Saturday before the storm. Since then, nothing. She says she’s glad they get most of their bills electronically, but she’s wondering what’s happened to their magazines and Christmas catalogs, which should be spilling in by the bag load by now.

    You might well ask the manservant why HE didn’t put bottles of water into the freezer before the storm….

    • I love my catalogs (she says as she offers up an apology for all the lost trees). I tend to save them up and then sit with a cup of coffee, or glass or wine and flip through them. The lady who sold us the house had really expensive tastes and for the first couple of years here we got really nice hi-gloss catalogs for places like Neiman Marcus – oh I used to drool over those. They stopped coming when we didn’t buy anything.

  2. That’s what I call dedicated. I don’t understand some employers. There are situations where their employees shouldn’t have to work. Reminds me of the 3 days of hell when our boss expected us to show up at work when the building management decided to change the shop window. Outside it was – 15 C…..

    • Yeah my company has rarely closed and I’ve trudged through snow and ice many times to get there (it was a joke way back as me, the Australian, would get in through blizzards whilst the Americans used to snow/ice would take a sick day).

  3. I used to freeze water in bottles during our hellishly hot summers and drink it as it melted. The water was always cold. Now they tell you not to do that – it’s a carcinogen … like everything else in the world.

    I work one of those “show up no matter what the weather is doing” jobs. You know when you take the job that it’s required. I never wanted a job where it didn’t matter whether I showed up or not – those are the people that get laid off first.

    • Growing up we used to spend an hour+ on the school bus in the afternoons while it trundled around the farms dropping off kids. In summer mum used to put a bottle of frozen water in our lunch boxes and it was still cold on those bus trips home.

      Yeah people who sign on with construction companies like mine must realize that there are going to be days when it’s not very pleasant working on a building site – basically summer and winter! And, that’s why I have an office job.

    • LOL. I was woken from an afternoon nap today by the same cranky mailman almost bashing our door down to ask if my next door neighbour was home! When I said I didn’t know he threw her fashion magazines down on the stoop and marched off muttering. As today was a beautiful day it must just be his general disposition.

  4. The manservant has a responsibility to ensure the universe is operating as it should……I’m sure he never doubted that you left some airspace in them thar bottles. Positive. 🙂

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