After Sandy


Sandy has basically finished with us here in the DC area except for lingering rain and we are in pretty good shape relative to the damage done further north.

A lot of people are without power but hopefully they will be reconnected quicker than after the last storm.  There are downed lines and trees to be dealt with, flooded basements to be cleaned up and the next few days will be a worry for those along the rising river.   Metro will resume service this afternoon and my office will be open tomorrow – it will feel weird to be starting a work week on a Wednesday.

Here in the home of Emjay we were lucky:

Our spare-room skylight leaked – I guess that resealing didn’t work;  I guess we’re going to have to further investigate the problem.  I hope that doesn’t mean a new skylight or roof resealing.

One front window leaked – a result of driving rain coming straight at it.

One storm door lock wrecked –  I will spray some WD-40 into that and see if it helps dry it out.    I struggled to unlock the door to feed the alley cat and now can’t relock it – can’t even get the key to turn.

Internet on-off-on-off ……..  and now improved to frustratingly slow  (but hey, that’s better than off).

So really all I have to deal with today is some wet towels, a damp futon mattress currently lying on the floor and the door lock ……..   oh, and eat the hard boiled eggs I’d prepared just-in-case!



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  1. Glad you fared pretty well. I was even luckier, it was like any regular old storm, though I’m not sure I’d even call it a storm here. I did find out that the guy who did my basement door didn’t seal it at the house so I got some water in the back of my basement..not puddles, just some wetness. I had seen an ad on tv a couple days earlier for this spray rubber sealant, which may work for my doors and your skylight. It’s one of those infomercial things, I have no recollection what it’s called except now it comes in bright white. Ohhh… Flex Seal. Comes in black and now! Bright White! I’m gonna look into the reviews for it.
    Your lock will probably dry out and the WD40 should help. I had a similar issue here at the office.

  2. Glad to hear you all made it thought relatively unscathed. We’ve had lots of rain here on the other side of the map (5” in one day in some places), but nothing close to what you all just went through.

  3. Oh, and the “WD” in WD-40 actually means water displacement, so it may help you water logged locks.

    “WD-40 was first used by Convair to protect the outer skin, and more importantly, the paper thin “balloon tanks” of the Atlas missile from rust and corrosion. These stainless steel fuel tanks were so thin that, when empty, they had to be kept inflated with nitrogen gas to prevent their collapse.”

    Hooray for useless trivia!

    • Ooh – I love “useless trivia” – that’s interesting about WD-40 and I didn’t know WD stood for “water displacement” . It helped free up the lock. 5″ is a lot of rain anywhere in one day.

  4. Delighted that you escaped with so little damage. Hope life gets back to normal soon…..a little Jesus Juice for the lock and Araldite for whatever else is broke.

  5. Glad all is pretty good, considering. My dad, in Frederick, MD lost power ‘only’ for 18 hours and like you, had some water come in through a window due the driving rain. He said all the trees were denuded of their leaves. His internet was up long enough for him to shoot me an email today so it seems as you say,
    what’s left to do now is clean up.

  6. We managed the storm in one piece. We had some power flickers, but no outages. The tree behind our house blew like mad, but didn’t fall over. Phew!

  7. gads… I can’t believe I read this yesterday, included the fact that you were okay in my post, but didn’t bother to comment. so rude of me! sorry.

    glad you made it through with only minor damage. locks are easy to replace (sometimes costly… but easy). the skylight issue sucks (I live in fear of my roof leaking).

    very glad you’re safe & sound!

  8. I hope your home repairs go smoothly; a storm like that would test the mettle of any home! How nice of you to think of the alley cats. I heard hardly a mention of concern for animals out on the street. We prepared our stray igloo but it wasn’t as precipitation-proof as I would have liked it.

  9. Skylights do parents have two skylights up above their entryway and during a unusually strong storm(not typical for California),they started to leak.My dad had to get up there and fix hasn’t leaked since, thankfully.

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