Sandy is coming….


As the voice of our office I get to make all the recordings on our phones (well, really I suppose it’s because I’m the Receptionist not just the dulcet tones), and that means I’m sometimes the first person to know things….

Over the 12 years I’ve been with the company we have only closed our office a few times:    9/11 and the day after,  Hurricane Isabel in 2003,  a 2009 snow storm – *after*  I’d trudged to work which meant blizzard conditions for the trip back home – and now Hurricane Sandy.

I was surprised to be asked to do the recordings yesterday afternoon – at that stage only the schools had announced they would not open.  A couple of hours later the Federal Government joined the closing along with DC Government.

Then Metro said well, if we’re not going to have any riders we’re not open either! High winds, possible power outages and likely flooded stations was the more official reason.  No trains, no buses;  no way to work anyway.   Well,  I *could*  walk the 3 miles but I would not in a tropical storm.

So today I have a spare day. My day has started just as early as if I was going to work – rain falling heavily on the skylight woke me.  I don’t hear much wind yet.  I really hope our power stays on or it might be a long, boring day – or it could be a busy day swapping out buckets and towels!



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  1. Thinking of you! I hope you’re safe and not let sopping up the floors. I know all about that — we had 2 years of drought and 6 years of drought before that only separated by a few years of ‘normal’ BUT this area typically flood in spring and autumn–sump pumps can’t keep up and we’re ON TOP of the valley! ;p

  2. I’m glad your company had the sense not to open today. My former workplace used to pride itself on staying open, no matter what the weather was like. Of course, that didn’t stop the staff from calling in to say they wouldn’t come to work, lol. But even if the commute in is quiet and effortless, the evening drive home can be horrific. I used to hope that the president would get into a fender bender after insisting we come in when a major snowstorm was coming in that day. (Of course, he drove a Range Rover, so he was the least likely to slide into a ditch, while the staff all drove ancient sedans and pickups.)

    Enjoy your “snow day.” I hope it’s far milder than predicted!

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