Afternoon Sandy update


It has been raining steadily all day and the winds have now increased markedly.   My NBC weatherman says things are about to intensify and that our worst will likely be around midnight-2am  – so we still have a lot of hours to get through as it’s only 4.15pm as I type this.

Our skylight started leaking about an hour ago  –  that does not bode well for the ‘worse-to-come”  phase of the storm……

My voice has been busy on the phone messages again as the office has decided to remain closed through tomorrow.

You can hardly see the houses across the street:   you can’t tell from the photo but our little Japanese Maple is swaying madly:

Big fat juicy raindrops…  ok, they’re a bit hard to see but you can sort of see them falling in-front of my weed boxes there on the left.  

The lights just flickered but held on …. fingers crossed!



13 responses

  1. Thoughts are with you, my dear. If they didn’t evacuate your area your house is probably safe. Do stay away from windows and that skylight. Do you have neighbors who could take you in if a window broke? It may all be inconvenient but just keep your cell charged and your building will most likely protect you. I hope you’re with friends and or family. Hugs, we’re thinking of you. We can feel it up here already!

    • Thanks Amelie – luckily we’re away from the river and up quite high with another 4′ up into the house so flooding is one thing we don’t worry about. That skylight is frustrating as we had it resealed after the last storm. One of our front windows sprung a leak too so there are a few wet towels to deal with today. I hope you didn’t get much damage up there.

  2. OMG the skylight. Yes, stay away from that, just in case the weight of the rain causes it to come crashing down.

    I have to smile at the thought of you being the voice of calm and reason as people call your office. It sounds as if you are the go-to person there.

    Stay safe. I hope the Manservant is there with you—I hate the thought that you might be dealing with Sandy alone, as strong as you are.

    • The manservant is here so that’s probably why we are pretty much unscathed. This skylight is troublesome – we have a flat roof and it seems that there is a lower area near the skylight where water pools (according to the guy who went up there to reseal it after the last storm) – not sure if the leak is coming from a full pool or just from driving rain. It’s something that’s going to have to be investigated.

      I hope your daughter is safe and sound in New York – they really got hit up there.

  3. I can see the drops, just have to enlarge the photo.

    Hope everything stays good. And I’ve been wondering … did “the manservant” take a fortuitous trip to Peru?

    (And you know, you really didn’t have to do all this just so you’d have something to blog about. The photo a day thing was fine …)

  4. Well…..don’t bother to come to my house to feel safe and out of the storm. I have lived in my red brick house for 34 years and I have NEVER experienced such high winds and rain. It is scary! I’m ready for this to be over. Here in the mountains this doesn’t happen.

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