It’s hard to get back into the blogging habit.    My break away was long over a drawn out hot summer – we even had a couple of days in the 80’s last week – mid-October!     And now we wait to see what excitement Sandy will bring in the next couple of days.     We recently had a section of the roof resealed after discovering a damp, buckling wall  so, if we get the amount of rain predicted, this will be the acid test.

I went to Safeway this morning as I do a lot of Saturday mornings.   There were no express lanes open;  no-one had “less than”  items except me.   It was strange to be standing there with only one tomato, two salmon, a bunch of parsley and a packet of rolled oats surrounded by overloaded trolleys of  milk, bread, toilet paper and junk food.

It looked as though I either did not believe the weatherman or might be the only person not to have heard a giant storm was coming this way – something I don’t think possible given the media saturation.    And, every time I hear them mention Sandy,  that song sung by John Travolta in “Grease”  annoyingly pops into my head.   Hopefully the hurricane is as benign.

Street art seen on construction site boarding on my walk home yesterday – just as I was thinking it was time to get back to WordPress………


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  1. I’m glad to hear your hatches have been battened.

    I thought you were probably just busy or scattered — if there had been anything wrong, Jane would have told us.

    Write again when the storm clears!

    • That’s the great thing about having a sister on WP – there will always be a way of finding out what has happened to one of us. No rain here yet just a bit of wind – it’s supposed to start raining tonight then Monday into Tuesday is meant to be our worst period.

  2. My older daughter in NYC scoffed at the media hype over Sandy. She said the news organizations always go nuts over any weather system that might hit New York, while they ignore the many funnel clouds, thunderstorms and snowfall that hit Minnesota every year. Still, I worry. Manhattan is not someplace I’d want to be if the power went out or the streets were blocked with piles of snow or several feet of water.

    It’s good to see you back! And as always, you’ve posted a great photo. I can’t make out what the artist is focusing on (or not), however.

    • I think the artist is staring into space hoping to get inspired. I can relate.

      In Minnesota, they just get on with it and know what they’re doing. Minnesota doesn’t panic or riot about weather.

      • @ Lurker – I’ve often wondered if weather-panic is an Eastern thing. When I arrived in DC 12 years ago I found it really amusing to see how much airtime was given to weather events. I was used to a 3 minute segment at the end of the news that just laid out the facts and left you to get on with it – of course it doesn’t snow or hurricane in Sydney but we do get some impressive thunderstorms.

          • Lightning strikes? Flash flooding? Straight line winds?

            A single thunderstorm took out three of our trees back in Minnesota. One of them broke in half and fell on top of our garage with my car inside. It took a month and $4000 to clean up, and insurance didn’t even cover half of the cost. Farmers’ sucks.

            • Pretty sure the thunderstorms in Sydney aren’t as bad as proper Midwestern thunderstorms.

              We had to get both the cars re-done after 15 min. of hail once (no garage, just parking spaces). Actually we just took the money for the old car and went on vacation. 😉

              Probably the loudest sound I ever heard was when lightning struck the giant tree 3 doors down. Yikes.

              My wedding dress had to live in the basement as that spring was extra tornado-y. Me, mom, and kitty down there of an afternoon.

    • @ HG – the artist/writer has a mostly blank page – a bit of scribble near the top. It was such an apt thing to come across as I was thinking about WP and about a “back into it” post.

      The media coverage reminds me a little of the boy calling wolf – so many times the actual storm is not as bad as predicted so we tend to get lulled into thinking they will all be like that and then wham! we get really hit and no-one is ready and everyone blames the officials. Our schools have announced they will not be open tomorrow – nothing yet from my work place – but then they never close 😦

  3. You’ve been sorely missed. I’m trying to keep up reading, even if not commenting; however, I’ve certainly missed much over the past couple of weeks.

    Good luck with Sandy!

  4. Okay, I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks of Grease when I hear about “Sandy”!

    When I’m in line with an full cart, and I see the next person behind me only has two or three items, I always let them go ahead of me.

    • I’ve heard “Sandy” so many times today that I think that song is now permanently imbedded in my brain! 🙂 I got to the line basically at the same time as a young woman with a trillion things in her trolley and she almost ran over my toes trying to get in before me.

    • Thanks GOF – I was thinking of you on Friday when I moved my bromeliad at work. Poor thing spends its work week in my dark reception area – hot at night and freezing during the day – and then on w/ends I put it in a manager’s office where it gets light and sun from the window. I decided not to put it near the window when I left on Friday just in-case the window got broken in the storm. It seems to like its peculiar lifestyle as it’s really thriving.

  5. Welcome back Emjay! I missed you! If the water rises too high at your house you are welcome to come to the mountains. My house sits up on a hill so unless I am blown away, I’m hopeful that I will remain…*high and dry*. 😉

    • LOL Denise… our street slopes so hopefully water will just run downhill – right past us. We don’t have a basement which is a good thing but if the rain is hard and in just the right direction we’ll have to put towels on our window ledges.

  6. welcome back to blogging! you’ve been missed though it’s healthy to take a hiatus every now and then. good luck with hurricane sandy – i hope she weakens by the time she reaches the shores. we’re expecting just strong winds and power outages up here in Toronto. so we’ve got our emergency kits ready.

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